ClassPass Book Of the Week: This One is For Sci-Fi Fans

Any science fiction lovers out there? You’re about to discover your new fave read. Especially if you find yourself reading books about dystopian futures, then you need to add this one to your list. The story is violent, eerie and personal. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat the entire time.

Station Eleven

Author: Emily St. John Mandel
Genre: Science Fiction
GoodReads Rating: 4.01
My Rating: 4

Who Would Love This Book:

Readers who love fast-paced fiction — especially post apocalyptic.

Synopsis in 140 characters or less:

20 years after a disease wipes out the majority of the population, we follow the stories of the small groups of people who survived.

Why You Should Read It:

The book begins showing the start of the pandemic that ultimately wipes out a huge chunk of the population. The story spans decades and you move back and forth between post and pre-pandemic. The remaining population is small but they have somehow managed to survive (and even find love and art!) in this world. Some of the characters don’t even know life before the end-of-the-world, which gives an interesting perspective.

Much of the book revolves around the idea (taken from Star Trek) that “survival is insufficient.” This theme carries on throughout the book as we see suspenseful twists, dangerous situations and further disruptions to the world they’ve adapted to. Even if you don’t typically gravitate to science fiction novels, I recommend giving this one a try!

Photo Credit: The Book Castle

Cara Friedman is the Director of Community at ClassPass. When not trying new classes, you can find Cara at the movies, reading her Kindle or celebrating happy hour.