You Won’t Believe the Healthy Dish Chick-Fil-A Added To Their Menu

Some serious moves have been made by Chic-Fil-A lately. Although we usually don’t commend fast food joints for much, these swaps and additions to their menu are pretty impressive.

Starting earlier this year, they replaced their coleslaw with their Superfood Side, which is mix of kale, broccolini, dried sour cherries and walnuts. Sure, you may have a flippant remark about how it’s just a side. What about those high-calorie, high-carb and high-fat sandwiches they get on the side of that side?

Then, Chik-Fil-A made its next move by replacing the popular breakfast sandwich, the Spicy Chicken Biscuit with The Egg White Grilled Sandwich. The Internet did not cope with their apparent loss well.

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Now. Hold onto your seats, because what you’re about to hear is a total game-changer for a place known for their waffle fries and fried chicken. As of this week, a few Chick-Fil-A locations across America will add be adding grain bowls to their menus and according to Eater, if these bowls do well, they will be available nationwide by 2018.

So what’s in these babies?

First we have the Harvest Kale And Grain Bowl. It is a blend of grains like quinoa and farro, mixed in with kale, apples, dried cherries, roasted nuts and feta cheese, with your choice of dressing (though they recommend balsamic vinaigrette). If you still need to add a bit of protein, you can add that too. Even with the added chicken, the bowl only comes to 370 healthy calories that are full of nutrients and protein.


Next up, we have the Egg White Grill Grain Bowl. With a bed of quinoa and farro lying beneath scrambled egg whites, grilled chicken and cheese, this little number comes to a shockingly low 220 calories with 29 grams of protein. Woah.


According to the Huffington Post, if you are hankering for some Chik-Fil-A in Tampa, San Francisco, Sacramento and Huntsville, Alabama, you can try the bowls very soon. Do us a favor and eat as many as possible so they can come to our town soon? Please and thanks!

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