Could the Most Productive Time Of Day Be When You’re Sleeping?

We all know if we are night owls or early birds, but what if we’re right in between? Could we possibly be the most productive bird in the aviary? In a recent Wall Street Journal article, the resident and founder of graphic design firm Design Pickle, Russ Perry makes an interesting argument that the most productive time of his entire day is between the hours of 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.

Yep, when you’re sound asleep.

With three children and a hectic career and life, Perry finds solace in the two most planned and organized hours of his day. In these wee hours of the morning, he cannot be distracted by Facebook updates, text messages, news feeds or well, anyone. (Because they’re snoring in the next room.)

“By waking up at 4 a.m., they’ve essentially wiped a lot of those distractions off their plate. No one is expecting you to email or answer the phone at 4 a.m. No one will be posting on Facebook. You’ve removed the internal temptation and the external temptation” says psychologist Josh Davis, director of research at the NeuroLeadership Institute and author of the book Two Awesome Hours.

Maybe there is something about these two golden hours then, huh?

Wouldn’t you rather have two hours of uninterrupted work than six hours of emails flushing in, coffee and lunch breaks, distractions from the media or family and friends? We would. This sounds like a dream! But there is a catch. Your bedtime needs to be way earlier than it probably is now. These two miracle hours are only as glorious as they seem if you are well rested and ready to take on the day.

Give it a chance and let us know how it goes. We’ll meet you at a morning class four hours after your alarm goes off. 


Ali Lizzi is a New York City based freelance fitness, health and beauty writer and an active member of the fitness community. She’s always up for discovering a new fitness studio to sweat in, flying to another city to travel to and eating any kind of vegan bites that she can get her hands on. Follow her journey on Instagram!