8 Most Body-Positive Instagram Stars

It’s very easy to get “FOMOA” when you’re browsing social media. Haven’t heard of it? It’s “fear of missing out…on abs.” With so many Photoshopped and airbrushed muscles out there clogging up our feeds, it’s definitely easy to feel bad about ourselves. Well, no more! Banish low self esteem and follow these eight body-positive Instagram accounts to make your feed a happier place.

Boardroom Blonde (@boardroomblonde)


Posing in my @gabifresh for @swimsuitsforall suit #myswimbody

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Jolene, a fashion blogger based in Beverly Hills, Calif., showcases plus-sized swimsuits and summer outfits that will give you major beach #inspo. In between drool-worthy outfits that celebrate self love at any size, the blogger, who is also a law school graduate (Elle Woods vibes!) posts motivating quotes about believing yourself and hustling for what you want.

Leanne Ward (@the_fitness_dietitian)

Brisbane, Australia, healthy living advocate Leanne Ward is all about giving your body what it needs, whether it’s an extra rest day or a midday yoga headstand. In addition to affirmations encouraging followers to focus on how they feel rather than the number on a scale, the nutritionist and dietitian posts delish food ideas that will have you stepping up your kitchen game.

Nerd Fitness (@nerd_fitness)

Steve Kamb, the man behind the Nerd Fitness blog, regularly posts pictures of 9-5ers who are just starting to dip their toes into fitness. Take a cue from those Insta-users that have gotten their butts off their couches and get moving, no matter your fitness level.

Nia Shanks (@niashanks)

Nia Shanks is the woman behind the “lift like a girl” movement, and she fully believes in that mantra. In a world where women are nervous to lift weights for fear of bulking up, she posts videos showcasing her bad-ass strength.

Dorothy Beal (@mileposts)


11.11 miles. Smile brought to you by a serious runners high. ❤ Started late because morning snuggles and hanging with my family was more important than beating the heat. Run was hotter and sunnier than I would have liked but it’s about balance. I wouldn’t trade an easier run for those moments with my fam. My @nikevision sunglasses {crazy about how light they are}, lots of water and music made the run ? In the first 3 miles of every run I question why I run. In the first 6 I’m like ok this is sort of cool even though it’s hard. It’s only when I hit 8 and beyond that I start to feel like man I freaking LOVE running. Sometimes I think I’d like my marathon number to stay at 31 for forever and just stick to 13.1 from now on. I like numbers. 31 with a 3:11 PR – that feels perfect to me {11 is my favorite number and 311 is the street number of my kids school} BUT then I have a happy double digit run and I remember the marathon has my heart for forever. ? #NikeVision #YourEyesHaveEvolved #TailWind #ad #irunthisbody #instarunners #IHaveARunnersBody

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Seeing someone conquer adversity to accomplish something amazing is inspiring, and that’s why blogger Dorothy Beal is so wildly popular. Beal has overcome multiple health challenges, including Gilbert’s syndrome and an OCD diagnosis, to become a marathoner. Seriously impressive.

Nay Jones (@iamnayfit)

The mom, who shows off her curves and impressive muscles in her snaps, also gets real about what having a baby will do to your body. Just because you have #tigerstripes doesn’t mean you can’t flaunt ‘em!

Glitter and Lazers (@glitterandlazers)


Today is THE DAY, I have the honor or kicking off the #OneLoveOpensHearts challenge with one of my favorite poses- the standing backbend! Lets talk about why I love this pose. When thinking about execution, most people focus on pushing their body down. However the true full expression of the pose is only realized by pushing your heart up. This is such an amazing analogy for life. Sometimes it seems the only way we can get ahead is by pushing people down. However, more often than not true success is found by elevating and loving those we come in contact with. You may not always be able to see the difference, but you can always feel it. Love is a powerful and glorious thing. ? Join us in this heart opening yoga explosion? to help eliminate hate by enhancing the light that shines from so deeply within each of us✨❤️??✨ It will run from August 8-14, and to be eligible for gifts at the end of this series: 1️⃣ Like & Repost this flyer, and make your profile public (so we can see all of your heartfelt posts)✨ 2️⃣ In each day’s post use the hashtag #OneLoveOpensHearts, and follow/tag your lovely Hostesses- ❤️?? @glitterandlazers @jaaackjack @namastekyrie @tattooedyogimama @yoginiinheels ❤️?? and Generous Sponsors- @kiragraceyoga @bluebinliving @yogisurprise @lolagetts @mantramate @yolohayoga 3️⃣ Tag some of your OM-azing friends to join the movement✨✌?️ #yoga #yogapose #plussize #love #inspiration

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The account that corresponds to the blog Glitter and Lazers not only showcases how to score major hauls at plus-sized stores, it also displays how to transition outfits from season to season. Check out corresponding vlogs on how to strut your stuff regardless of your dress size.

Matt Joseph Diaz (@mattjosephdiaz)

Matt Joseph Diaz emphasizes loving yourself, even as your appearance adjusts and changes. After losing weight, Diaz experienced loose skin, which he now flaunts in his snaps. He advocates body positivity and celebrating the skin you’re in!


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