6 Surprising Ways Accepting Changes Makes It All Easier

F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in fall.” While nature’s transition to autumn is beautiful, we often forget that change in our own lives can be beautiful, too. 

Sure, change—and, subsequently, uncertainty and lack of control—can leave you with stress, anxiety and sleepless nights. But transition can be beneficial, too. Sometimes it takes a big change to appreciate the little things in your life or act as the kick in the pants you need to get out of a rut. In fact, though change may not always immediately feel positive, the right type of it can make you happier. Here’s how:

It makes you smarter.
If things never changed, you’d never learn anything new. Every time you learn a new skill or adapt to a new situation or surrounding, you are that much smarter than you were the day before.

It slows you down.
And that’s a good thing. Change can bring about new experiences that can make time feel like it’s passing more slowly. As children, our lives felt so slow because we experienced new things everyday. So accepting change in your life will make it a little easier to stop and smell the roses along the way.

It reminds you that anything is possible.
From your love life to your career, it’s easy to believe anything that’s stuck will always be that way. But when you see little things change, you begin to feel encouraged that nothing has to stay the same forever.

It allows you to focus on yourself.
When you’ve got your nose down and continue to move through life in a straight line, there are few opportunities for self-exploration. Change tests our strengths and gives us the opportunity to pause to evaluate our own happiness. Change triggers progress, and it can be a real launching pad for personal evolution.

It allows you to choose your own adventure. 
Do you know someone who complains about his or her life, but never actively changes the situation? The truth is, misery is comforting and change is scary. But embracing change head on and viewing every opportunity as an adventure opens you up to finding happiness in places you never knew existed. While it may take some getting used to, look at every change—from the loss of a loved one to the closing of your favorite sushi place—as the beginning of a new adventure.

It saves energy.
It takes much more energy and effort to resist change than it does to accept it. When you embrace change, you can spend most your energy pursuing what makes you happy, rather than wasting it on fighting back fear.

Daria Meoli is a writer living in New Jersey. She loves running, spinning and yoga, but her favorite workout is chasing her kids.