Gym Bag Must-Have of the Week: The BeautyRx Product Line

There are some rare weeks where I actually turn off Netflix, go to sleep at a decent hour and make it to a morning class. On those days, I instantly feel refreshed and energized to speed through my to-do list. But before I ever open my e-mail, I always double-check to see the shower situation at the studio I’m visiting. And though I don’t require too much to shower before work (we do wear workout clothes at the ClassPass HQ, after all), I do appreciate when there are amenities like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, Q-tips and more.  

But one thing that I always bring myself is face moisturizer. After having pretty terrible acne-prone skin for the majority of my adult life, having a reliable daily lotion is really important to keep my face and body zit-free. I really love a lot of the products from Dr. Schultz’s line, Beauty Rx, but the light rehydrating lotion is perfect for my skin type and something I like to always have in the pocket of my gym bag. Another one I love? Their awesome sunscreen. Both are definitely worth a try.

Light Rehydrating Lotion from BeautyRx by Dr. Schultz

What is is:

This daily must-have maximizes hydration without clogging up your pores and is suitable for all types, even if you have oily skin like me. It’s not only lightweight but it blends quickly and is packed with antioxidants. 

What’s cool about it:

In addition to being part of my daily morning routine, I also use this product at other times. It’s nice to put on whenever I’m feeling dry or want my skin to look fresher. If you try some of the other gems from this line – like the Progressive Peel – you might be a believer like me. Another fun fact? If you’re in New York, Dr. Schultz offers mini-peels that take 30 minutes, require no downtime and instantly make your skin smoother. And the best part? They only cost $50. 

Where to get it:

Check out BeautyRx site to find a look that works for you. 

Lindsay Tigar is the editorial director for ClassPass in New York. She’s an aspiring boxer, wannabe yogi and lover of cardio dance (though she has no rhythm). She loves traveling, handwritten cards, live music and good vibes. She believes in a healthy balance of veggies and champagne, and can usually be found exploring the city with her cute pup, Lucy.