6 Olympians’ Beauty Essentials for Every Kind of Athlete

With the Summer Olympics less than a week away, we wanted to find out what beauty essentials Olympians are packing in their bags to be competition ready. Even though we may not all be Olympic gold medalists in the making, who says we can’t look like one when we break a sweat doing what we love?

Let’s steal some of the beauty secrets from these five Rio 2016 Olympic athletes who not only dominate the competition, but also have some serious beauty hacks to keep their hair healthy, skin glowing and lips soft while competing in Rio.  

Gabby Douglas, U.S., gymnastics team

America’s golden girl Gabby Douglas is the definition of a goal crusher. The two-time gold medalist winner trains hard, but knows how to look like a diva while doing it. The 20 year-old Virginia Beach native loves to spice up her make-up regime during her routines by having a lip-gloss in a high-impact color that compliments her leotard.

During an interview with Cosmopolitan, she pulls out of her bag one of her go-to colors, CoverGirl’s Colorlicious Gloss in “Give Me Guava,” which she will be bringing to Rio. Its long-lasting color isn’t sticky and contains a lip conditioner that will keep lips hydrated and healthy.
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Wu Minxia, China, diving team

Wu Minxia is no stranger to prepping for the Games, as she is the first woman to win the gold medal in diving events in three consecutive Summer Olympics. Although she keeps her beauty routines pretty low key by wearing absolutely no make-up during the competition, she does rely on Pantene Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner to keep her hair healthy post-training.

This shampoo and conditioner is designed to strengthen hair against and protect it from split ends, a common problem for divers. With her intense, eight- to 10-hour daily training regimen, these products are a must for this Olympic athlete.
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Michael Phelps, U.S. swimming team

It’s no secret that swimmers shave the majority of their body hair before practicing and swimming. Not only does it help them move faster but it’s less-maintenance, too. For gold medalist, Michael Phelps, countless hours in the pool means he needs a lot of razors, all the time. Last year, he invested in 800Razors.com, an online personal care shop for men and women.

In a press release, he said: “”As a swimmer, shaving my entire body is necessary for performance. The Ultimate Shave razors and shave cream truly makes a difference in protecting my skin and giving me that close comfortable shave I want and need in and out of the pool.” 

As a spokesperson for the company, he definitely stands by the smooth shave of these razors, so try one out for yourself to see if you agree. 
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Sandi Morris, U.S., track and field team

First-time Olympian Sandi Morris is getting ready to fly high in the pole-vaulting competition in Rio. This girl has undeniable talent that runs in the family, as both her parents were collegiate track stars. After overcoming a wrist injury this year, she’s ready to chase that gold medal. Training for hours outside in the sunshine, she looks to Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Liquid Foundation to give her that all-day, natural looking, weightless coverage.

Bonus? It also contains 25 SPF to protect her skin while training. With her amazing talent and bright, luminous skin, Morris is a star in the making and will be shining bright in the Games this year.
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Emily Seebohm, Australia, swim team

This record-breaking Brisbane native is chasing gold this year in both the 100 meter and 200 meter backstroke and the 4×100 meter medley relay. As she trains everyday in and outside of the pool, this champion not only gets wet but sweaty as well. She relies on Napoleon Perdis’ Waterproof Mascara (an Aussie favorite!) to make her lashes pop throughout all her trainings.

This long-lasting waterproof mascara doesn’t just give your lashes tons of volume and length, it also conditions them with vitamin E, panthenol and bamboo. This extra conditioning bonus is a necessity for keeping Seebohm’s lashes healthy and thick while spending hours preparing to dominate the competition in Rio.
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Kelly O’Hara, U.S., women’s soccer team

Soccer star Kelly O’Hara, who crushed it on the field during the last summer Olympics, is ready to rock out in midfield in Rio this year. The FIFA Women’s World Cup Champion and Olympic soccer gold medalist lets her natural beauty shine during game time.

With being one of the only three players for the U.S. team to have played during every single minute during the 2012 Olympics Women’s Football Tournament, O’Hara is out in the sun a lot and makes protecting her skin a priority. Using the ultra moisturizing sunscreen Coppertone Sport SPF 30, she’s able to keep her skin protected and silky smooth. She doesn’t stop there, though. To keep those nasty flyaways from popping up, she rubs excess sunscreen through her hair. Loving that little beauty hack, O’Hara!
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Photo Courtesy of Robert Black


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