The ClassPass Ambassadors Share Their Class Picks for August

There’s no doubt about it: Our ClassPass Ambassadors know a thing or two about the best studios in their cities. They’re adventurous and always up for trying a new studio, from Pilates and barre to boxing and more. Now, they want you to join in on the journey and try classes at their favorite studios of the month. Regardless of what type of workout really gets your heart racing, the ambassadors have a recommendation for every style:


The Daily at The Daily Sculpt

The Daily is one of the most beautiful studios in Atlanta with the nicest staff. The sculpt is a low-impact, high-intensity workout that users reformer machines to work each part of your body. Plus, the owner, Lily, is the sweetest!” –Sabrina

Kansas City

The MOJO Ride at MOJO Cycling Studio with Katie McNeil

The location is prime, which makes it fun for a weekend class and brunch combo. There’s nothing quite like MOJO in KC. It is one of the only cycling experiences in town that moves to the beat of the music. The workout is incredibly fun, upbeat and easy on your joints.” –Kirsten

Los Angeles

Cellulitefit and Platefit

This was like a vibrating deep-tissue massage, and the perfect way to end a day filled with two intense workouts and lifting heavy boxes from moving. I was so pleasantly surprised that I wasn’t even sore the next day, and I think I have Cellulitefit to thank for that!” –Judy


Rumble at 1Rebel

This is boxing one on one, you and your punchbag. It’s dark, there are banging beats and your boxing rounds are mixed in with HIIT cardio and MMA rounds. The best bit? Each time you challenge yourself even more, so it never gets easier!” –Persephone

New York

Kore signature class at KORE

Kore classes are upbeat, fun and hard! They keep you moving, keep you sweating, and you really get in a full-body workout. I always leave Kore in a great mood (the cold eucalyptus towels after class don’t hurt, either) and feeling incredibly accomplished. I highly recommend this studio to all!” –Eliza



Trampoline! at Tone Zone

This class is pure childhood, backyard, jump around, unbridled workout fun. Seriously, this action-packed calorie burning workout will awaken the little kid in you and will be the most fun you’ve had working out in a long time. Plus they throw in abs and arms goodness to go with all the bouncy leg and cardio fun. A don’t-miss workout for the kid in all of us.” –Jess


Megaformer class at InstaPhysique

I love the efficiency of this class—a full-body workout plus cardio and flexibility training in 40 minutes. I love that there are modifications for every exercise so I can push myself super hard or take it somewhat easy if it’s more of a rest day. Plus the studio is next to YogurtLand, so…” –Anna

San Francisco

Happy Hour Yoga at Laughing Lotus Mission

The Happy Hour yoga class has an energetic flow that will leave you feeling invigorated after class. There’s lots of opportunity to play and push your boundaries in different challenge poses. I love the bright colors of the studio and the use of the harmonium at the end of class. Pro tip: Grab a spot at the front of the room for a view of the outdoor garden.” –Stephanie 

Ritual Hot Yoga signature class at Ritual Hot Yoga

I love Ritual Hot Yoga’s heated yoga flow, appropriate for all levels from beginners to advanced. You will immediately feel the good vibes upon entering the room which is heated to a very warm 95 degrees. Expect to sweat. Candles are ‘lit’ around the perimeter of the room, as well as in front of each mat in the center of the room. What makes Ritual Hot Yoga different than other studios is that you’re guided through the flow by your breath to an ongoing badass four-count beat from hip-hop/pop remixes to tropical house.” –Katherine

Any class at Ume Yoga

The studio feels like a sanctuary in the midst of downtown Oakland. The facility is stunning. The instructors are phenomenal with classes in both heated and unheated rooms. To top it off, there is complimentary tea and coffee.” –Sammie


TRX/Reformer Fusion at Club Pilates Bellevue

I love that it’s a new option at the studio and that they include the TRX! Most of the people in my class weren’t familiar with the straps, so I was thankful that the instructor walked around and helped people adjust the length for the different exercises.” –Inna


Urban Base at Urban Yoga Surry Hills

This class is great for yogis at all levels but especially for beginners, as it is their slower class and each week focuses on a different foundation move. There is also always someone to assist you during the class if your alignment is out. The music, imagery on the large screen and the mini neck massage at the end make this studio like no other I’ve ever been to!” –Holly


Torq at Torq Ride

A new addition to the Toronto spin scene, Torq is an awesome studio with great instructors, great bikes and an amazing vibe. The classes here are challenging without being intimidating to new spinners. I love the positivity during their classes, and the music is always on point. I also really appreciate the nice touches the studio adds, like sending your ‘ride report’ to you via email after each class, as well as the instructors encouraging everyone to cheers each other with their water bottles at the end of each ride. Highly recommend!” –Moe


HIIT at Kondi Fitness

HIIT always challenges my cardio and running strength and then TRX completely kills me with body weight, core and all-around muscle torture!” –Nancy