Insta-Drool: Get Inspired By These 11 Amazing Healthy Food Accounts

No matter how good you might feel after weeks or months of sticking to a healthy diet, let’s face it: thinking up ever-changing ways to tantalize your tastebuds with another salad or rice bowl and veggies can seriously get boring.

Good news: We’re about to bust your lackluster food rut. Because, unless you’ve been living under a rock since the dawn of Pinterest, there are some pretty cool ways to keep your meals feeling and tasting fresh, fun and healthy. 

Follow these drool-worthy Instagram accounts that will help you get inspired to maintain your balanced diet in very creative – and gorgeous – ways: 

A dessert made for a post-bootcamp reward:

Pasta straight from the garden—minus the guilt:

The prettiest fruit board you ever did see: 

A grain bowl to with some Asian flair:

A sizzling, flavorful way to start your day:

The closest you’ll get to dessert in the morning: 

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good morning beautiful people🤗 starting this week with some overnight oats, coffee, my new succulent, & jesus🙏🏼 || 1/2 cup @purely_elizabeth ancient grain oatmeal soaked overnight with 3/4 cup hemp milk + 1 tsp @salbachia chia seeds + topped with @wild_friends sesame cranberry pb + @beelocal honey from my @thehivebox + nanner + @driscollsberry strawbs + @blanchardscoffee on the side + my favorite @sweetminthandmade spoon || i hope you have a great start to the week❤️ thankful for a God who loves & cares for us no matter our situation & whose light will always outshine any darkness😘 "for it is you who light my lamp; the Lord my God lightens my darkness." (psalm 18:28) –> thanks @erincollins7😍

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A salad bowl guaranteed to satiate your tastebuds and fill your belly:

The most organized, not-your-average rice bowl:

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Guys I am so sorry but everything will change here on this feed … . ⬇️⬇️⬇️. . It will get quite monotonous cause I absolutely fell for rice and I will eat it untill I am sick of it 🍚🍚🍚😂 some call it #riceisland I prefer terminology like "#listentoyourbody" , "rice and shine", "rice up your life"… So this was wholegrain #basmati rice by @alnatura . Served it with veggies (eggplant , lots of onion and carrots) and added some raw goodies and kidney beans🌱🍅🌱 . Enjoy your evening peeps 😘➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ Ankündigung: stellt euch auf eine ernste langwierige Reisphase ein 🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚🍚 . Morgen Vorräte aufstocken und dann heißt es #riceandshine 🍚✨🙏🏻. . #rice #basmatirice #wholegrain #glutenfreeliving #veggies #eattherainbow #lowfat #hclf #highcarb #highcarbvegan #carbs #starchbased #801010 #starchsolution #vegetables #bestofvegan #letscookvegan #carbivore #starchivore #vegangermany #reis #beans #kidneybeans #salad #protein #veganprotein

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A colorful way to indulge in your noodles (and zoodles):

Everything you ever wanted for breakfast. Ever.

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When's the last time you broke the "rules" of #breakfast? If you want a change, instead of oatmeal, try (sweet) potato, plantain, quinoa, or even brown rice farina. The most important thing is ensuring that your meals are well-balanced with complex carbs and healthy fats to give you energy to conquer the day. Here I have egg-stuffed sweet potato with scrambed eggs, turkey bacon, spinach and tomato. Recipe is on AND in the FMC App. Boom. (traduccion abajo) —– Cuando fue la última vez que rompiste "las reglas" del #desayuno? SI quieres un cambio en vez de comer avena todos los días, puedes comer batata (o patata roja), plátano, quinua o farina de arroz integral. La cosa más importante es que tienes una dieta balanceada con carbohidratos complejos y grasas saludables para dar energía durante el día. Aquí tengo batata rellena de hueva con huevos revueltos, tocino de pavo, espinaca y tomate. Receta en y en la App FMC. Bum.

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A satisfying way to get your Omega-3 fix:

Up the ante on your grilling game:

Energy-boosting earthy goodness:

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Roots, rice, greens. A salad designed to satisfy.

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Some spice to kick off your morning:

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