So, Um, People Are Going to Blood Spas Now?

A day at the spa typically consists of candles, calming beauty treatments and possibly some bubbly – but things are about to change. Top spas around the world are investing in medical professionals who will borrow your veins to pinpoint the right wellness treatments for you. That’s right –  drawing blood isn’t just for the doctor’s office anymore.

Yes, friends, stopping by a spa might now include the extra step of getting your blood drawn ahead of time. Say what? We know how crazy that sounds, but the concept is actually pretty smart, if you’re brave enough to try it out.

How does it work? Prior to your spa trip, get your blood drawn by a medical professional at their facility and then when the time comes for your visit, they will be able to offer you the perfect wellness treatments catered to your needs. In many cases, they will even replenish your blood before you leave.

Treatments are catered to weight loss, stress, digestive health and more. What is offered is greatly varied at top spas around the world, but here are two we find super interesting:

Ozone therapy 

According to Refinery29 and other sources, this is done at Espace Chenot at L’Albereta in Italy, and the doctors extract 100 ml of your blood (yes, more than what you usually donate), mix it with oxygen and inject it back into you. This is meant to help with memory, weight loss and builds a healthy immune system. This would be done multiple times during your spa stay. Though be warned – at $170 a pop, it’s definitely a splurge type of treatment. 

Chinese massage

After you’ve finished your blood-pumping regime, you’ll enjoy a Chinese Massage. But it’s not your typical one – instead, they work on your spine and your stomach, which apparently helps to boost your metabolism after all that blood work. (A writer who tried it at Refinery29 suggests not eating before, as it could be real uncomfortable.)

Send your blood before you go

Another option is available in Saint Lucia at The BodyHoliday. Once you book, you’ll get a kit in the mail that offers instructions on testing before they jet set. You might actually be asked to give more than your blood though, sometimes a stool sample is requested, too. (Wow.) You send it back in and when you arrive, they’ll offer up the best recommendations for treatments for your bod.

Pretty cray guys. Pretty cray. 

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