7 Cheap But Awesome Workout Tanks Under $20

Quite possibly the only downside of working out in the summertime is the heat and humidity that makes your workout that. much. harder. As if you didn’t sweat enough already during Bikram yoga, you now have to factor in how much perspiration you’ll produce just on the walk to and from class.

Bottom line: No more wearing the same tank three times before washing it (like you secretly did all the time during the winter—no judgement!). So in case you don’t already have a full drawer’s worth of workout tanks, we’ve got you covered. Check out these awesome tanks that won’t break the bank or bust your laundry budget.

For mirror motivation

We all have those days when no matter how hard we push ourselves, the struggle is real when it comes to completing a full workout. Could be due to lack of sleep, something you ate or yesterday’s booze-filled Sunday funday. That’s where this motivational tank comes in handy: to push you to your max even when you feel like finishing early.
Buy it now: One More Rep Mirror Image Tank, $18.50, etsy.com

For a super-sweaty sweat sesh

Get ready because this might become your go-to summer shirt whether you’re going to bootcamp or vinyasa. Not only does it breathe well, it’s also made to withhold shrinkage after going through the washer and dryer. Bonus: The racer-back allows more air to reach your back—one of the areas you’re most prone to sweat.
Buy it now: Go-Dry Semi-Fitted Performance Graphic Tank for Women, $15, oldnavy.com

For training for your next race

If you’re feeling like a total boss, meet your new must-have workout accessory. This is the type of tank that can help boost you from a middle-of-the-pack runner to a leader-of-the-pack runner. Whether you plan on cruising your neighborhood or tackling your next big race, you can count on this shirt to do all the talking.
Buy it now: Running Tank Top, $20, hm.com

For an instant mood lift

You work hard, have long days and still manage to sneak in a workout—even if it’s a relaxing restorative yoga. You deserve to be praised for everything you do to strengthen your body and mind. So why not wear it on your shirt with this lightweight tank that reminds you to just be brave, happy, strong and, most of all, you.
Buy it now: C9 Champion Women’s Muscle Tank, $12, target.com

For when the heat gets real

It’s hard enough to walk and commute around in the heat, let alone get your heart rate up and perspire from another activity. To the rescue: this soft and airy tank with an asymmetrical twist-back that allows whatever coolness is left in the air to flow through to your body.
Buy it now: Femina tank, $10, fabletics.com

For when you don’t have time for laundry

You won’t have to stress that sweat smell in this tank, thanks to its self-proclaimed “Unstinkable technology” that lets you jump from back-to-back workouts free of stank. The racerback cut-out gives you the freedom you need to master poses in yoga with the high-low hem for extra coverage in dance class.
Buy it now: Chi Tank Electro, $19, athleta.gap.com

For pairing with bright and bold leggings

Nothing’s easier to throw on than a basic white tank, but this one’s even more than that. It’s created with a specially formulated Dri-FIT fabric that helps keep you dry and comfortable no matter how sweaty you get (also great for runs in the rain!).
Buy it now: Women’s Training Tank Top, $20, nike.com

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