Now Fitbit is Trying to Help You Sleep Smarter

Fitbit has become synonymous with fitness. Since Monday, the popular activity-tracking accessory can now help you meet more than your daily step goal — offering a new feature on their app called ‘Sleep Schedules,’ which tracks your sleep patterns, in hopes of boosting your overall health.

While we already love Fitbit’s subtle and calming alarm settings, we’re even more excited to see how this new sleep-tracking software will function. Now you’ll be able to set sleep goals based on the data Fitbit collects while on your wrist during your nighttime snooze.

The more you wear it during sleep, the smarter it gets, and the more info you’ll have to see where you may be falling short (hello 2 a.m. bedtime!). From there, you’ll actually be able to set reminders and push notifications for optimal wake up time and the best time of night to hit the hay, in order to meet your sleep targets.

Getting enough high-quality sleep is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. We love that Fitbit is making that process easy — and well, stylish.

Miranda is a freelance health, wellness and fitness writer who believes that life is a balance of green smoothies and pinot gris. When she's not trying the latest workout trends or exploring the city, you'll find her searching for San Francisco's best espresso. Miranda is part of our ClassPass Studio Success Team. Follow her adventures on Instagram.