Here’s the Best Boot Camp and Brunches in Australia

Hands down the hot power combo on the weekend in Australia is taking a bootcamp and then hitting your fave brunch spot. It’s pretty obvious, right? Nothing tastes better after lunging the morning away than relaxing in one of these cafes with a large soy latte and a healthy (or unhealthy) treat. 

Need some recommendations of the best duos? Here’s where to work out and then reward yourself with a fun brunch, wherever you are in Australia: 


Not that you need more reasons to head down to Bondi but if you haven’t checked out Bondi Vixen – you need to! This is exactly how we should all start our Saturday mornings, with personal training royalty, working up an appetite by the ocean during a boot camp bliss. Aaaaah.

After class, it’s on for a well-deserved breakfast at The Health Emporium. What do you feel like? A smoothie? Picnic? Eating in? It doesn’t matter because they’ve got it all here. Grab a few healthy treats and head back down to enjoy on the beach or relax in their cute café and reward yourself with one of their Instagram-worthy raw desserts off the counter. 


Motivate Me Group Outdoor Training, nailed it with their name, haven’t they? Because we’re all guilty of those days where we really need that extra boost, just think of that feeling after class, (you know, the feel-good, muscle-aching adrenaline) because nothing’s going to beat it. The guys at Motivate Me have every base covered, whatever your fitness level. They’re all about perfecting the technique and making sure the way you exercise is right for your body, all while having fun.

Afterwards, it’s straight to brunch. There’s no other venue more suited than the gorgeous Raw Kitchen. (Forget eating, can we just live here?) That space is amazing and the food is pretty good too. From Buckwheat Nachos to plant-based cuisine without the use of dairy, gluten, refined sugar or additives, you’ll find something to nom on. Forget boot camp and just work your way through this menu. We’re joking. Kinda.


Melbourne, have you locked in a date for boot camp at Bridge Fitness yet? Full disclosure: ‘Photo shopped bodies, GI-Joe trainers and male-dominated gym floors will not be found here.’ (Can we get an amen?) Instead, this studio focuses on creating a comforting, motivating environment that aims to make you fall in love with exercise. Next weekend this has you and your girls written all over it, and there’s three locations to choose from, so you literally have no excuse because each one is near your post workout destination…brunch of course.

Enter: Matcha Mylkbar. If you haven’t heard of this place, where have you been hiding? It’s the absolute poster place for healthy cafes in Melbourne right now. Did we mention they have vegan eggs and Mushroom lattes? Rejoice because a workout then breakfast doesn’t get much healthier than this.


This weekend, check out Proactive Lifestyle and Fitness, where the team is there to help you become ‘the healthiest and happiest version of yourself’. Sometimes all it takes is that gentle reassurance that we all train differently, we all have different strengths, different weakness, and a reminder that there is no conventional way to exercise. Best of all? They make sure the classes are dynamic and fun, too.

After class, you’ll be making a swift beeline for Providore for breakfast because you deserve it. This place is an Adelaide institution: they’ve got brunch covered. If there’s any of their raw gluten free carrot cake left, save some for us?


It’s called Booty Camp for a reason, we just can’t decide if it’s because you’ll work it so hard you’ll need a cushion at brunch or because a few sessions with these guys, and it’s straight in the bikini to the beach to show off your hard work. Either way it’s a win-win for everyone. Get ready to do some serious toning.

After your workout, there is no other brunch choice in Brisbane than Kiss the Berry, their Acai bowls are famous. Get. One. Now. You’re welcome.

Charlotte & Jonny of The Eight Hours Blog are based in Melbourne and have a tendency to travel around a bit. When they're not off on a little adventure you'll probably find them in the kitchen playing around making some fun healthy recipes, doing a spot of yoga or out for a surf.