White, Red, Rosé and Blue? Apparently Blue Wine is a Thing Now

Just in time for the Fourth of July, this blue wine is bound to turn heads everywhere. Get your Snapchat ready to go, it’s about to get patriotic in here.

Red, while – and blue? We know it’s a little out of the box, but Spanish company, Gik, is trying their hand at setting a new standard in the wine aisle, and we think it’s pretty timely. It is described directly from their website as “a sweet and blue drink with 11.5 percent alcohol,” which doesn’t sound so bad to us. Here’s the only catch – the team behind this blue hue is made of all young people with no traditional wine education, so it might not taste quite as sophisticated as some of the wine you usually drink.

While it is made from red and white grapes from Spain’s Basque region, called Gik (hence the company name), it’s a bit of a mystery where the blue color is coming from. In all seriousness – we love wine so much that there’s probably not a color we wouldn’t try, so well just write it off as celebrating America extra hard this upcoming holiday.

Join us, won’t you?

Photo Cred: GIK

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