5 Aussie Instructors Predict the Next Big Workout Trend

Just like everything else, exercising evolves over time. Different workouts that are the must-try trend for one or two seasons inevitably give way to new, interesting and fun ways to sweat. While no one knows exactly what next big trend is waiting on the horizon, some instructors have a few ideas. 

From new ways to move to getting re-inspired with workouts we know and love, here are the trends happening across Australia (and what you’ll see in the States soon!).

Moving like an animal

Joey Worthington of Jungle Brothers believes the next workout trend will be movement-based training. “I’m not talking about the messy kind of stuff you see bootcampers dragging themselves along the ground with, but something more refined and skillful that has actual progressions and technical cues, much like gymnastics or weightlifting,” he explains.

Joey and the rest of the JB team believe people are starting to realize there is a lot more to “movement” than just bear walks and lizard crawls. Joey has seen more people looking to learn more skillful methods of movement, like hand balancing, gymnastics, dance and even combat-based movement training. “The beauty of this type of training is that it covers so much stuff in one go: strength, mobility, awareness, balance, coordination, even endurance to an extent,” he says. 

The quick burn

You don’t need more time—you need classes that are more effective and efficient. We’ve seen a big trend in classes that are under an hour, and this will continue to increase in the months to come. One example of a quick-burn type of workout is the Largee method, which burns up to 800 calories in a 45-minute session thanks to a patented machine called a Megaformer. Intense on the muscles but easy on the joints, spine and connective tissues, this type of movement can replace all your strength training, Pilates and cardio in just two or three sessions per week.

Jaye Cuypers, owner of LaFit Studio in Perth, loves the workout because it is high-intensity and low-impact, meaning you feel like you worked hard but aren’t sore. 

Working out like you’re partying

There’s nothing better than pumping beats to get you in the mood for a workout! Michaela, who heads up Bodhi & Ride in Melbourne, noticed an opportunity in yoga to use music to inspire mood and has worked to bring this soul into the studio’s classes by using the beat to drive the breath and the pose. Get into the Spin Chamber, and it’s no different, with the beats and the energy of the incredible instructors making you feel like you’re in an Ibiza hotspot instead of a sweaty cycle class. Get ready for soul-thumping, booty-shaking yoga and cycle because this is one trend that is catching on, regardless of what type of workout you love.

More workout class variety

We’re seeing studios integrate both yoga and functional fitness/strength training to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it’s nailing yoga poses like arm balances and handstands or gaining more flexibility to kill it with that chin up, changing up your routine and targeting specific muscle groups will help you get there. To assist yoga enthusiasts to reach their goals, Christine and her team at Yoga XTC in Melbourne have developed Yoga Progression, a program that integrates strength training and functional fitness with yoga to advance the student’s strength, focus and technique.

Breaking out of yoga’s traditions

Urban Yoga takes all the great parts of a yoga practice and freshens them up with a progressive soundtrack, specially curated visuals and no Sanskrit, making it easy for anyone to join in, says co-owner Lisca McClanachan. Urban Yoga drops in unapologetic tunes from the likes of Chet Faker, Fleetwood Mac and a host of well-known artists to create yoga with a pulse. Combine this with fresh, jaw-dropping visuals on a super-sized screen and you can forget boring. The creative integration of sound and vision is completely different to any other form of yoga, and the sensory immersion promises to reinvigorate you both mentally and physically.

Bree Pratt is the Partner Success Manager (Sydney and Melbourne) for ClassPass. Bree studied law and practiced in Sydney, but her passion for yoga and work-outs brought her into health and fitness industry. Bree qualified as a Yoga Teacher earlier in 2015, and has recently expanded her fitness regime to include strength, spin, barre and pilates. Bree is hardworking and determined to support all of her ClassPass partners to make their experience with ClassPass as awesome as it can be.