10 People Share the Healthiest Choice They Make Every Day

Looking for some motivation to be healthier? Making small changes throughout your day is a one way to get started. We asked 10 aspiring health honchos to tell us the healthiest choice they make during their workday. Read on for the tiny changes that helped them stay healthier!

Eating breakfast
“I eat a healthy breakfast, preferably one with a green juice (fresh juiced kale, collard greens, parsley, etc). If you do really well nutrition-wise at least one meal of the day, it’s better than nothing. You never know when someone is going to bring pizza or junk to the break room or invite you to a fattening dinner, but no one can interfere with your eating right first thing in the morning.” -Francis

Taking a long walk
“I had been on a ClassPass binge Monday to Friday, and I felt guilty that I spent my Saturday eating Cheetos on my couch and my Sunday drinking and eating. So on my way home I decided to walk from the Williamsburg waterfront to Astoria.” -Yasmin

Bringing a water bottle
“I have been trying to bring a water bottle to work rather than getting something from Starbucks every day.” -Maggie

Portion control
“I ate half of a wrap instead of the whole thing.” -Antonette

Pushing past your goal
“Instead of walking my goal of 10k miles, I hit 22k! My body is tired but in a great way.” -Erika

Staying active
“Walking the stadium during the last two innings of the Yankees game rather than sitting and watching my boys lose.” -Joanna

Finding a healthy fix for a craving
“I was craving an unhealthy coffee shop drink, so instead I put cinnamon and vanilla into my regular coffee and it filled the craving.” -Brianna

A sandwich swap
“I made a sandwich and swapped out mayo for avocado. I actually liked it more!” -Kayla

Juicing it up
“I wanted something sweet, so instead of reaching for something unhealthy I made a smoothie with my Ninja juicer.” -Erica

Bringing your own snack
“I went to see a movie and snuck in some air-popped popcorn from my air popper, instead of wasting calories (and money) on movie theater popcorn.” -Denise

Danielle Page is the founder of ThisisQuarterlife.com, a blog that provides necessary information for navigating the awkward phase of adulthood known as “quarterlife.” Danielle’s work has been featured on Cosmo, Woman’s Day, Your Tango, Bustle, The New York Times, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily and the Huffington Post.