5 Mantras That Will Help You Push to the End Of Class

The feel-good endorphins, the compliments on your growing biceps or just the excuse to see your ClassPass buds all are fantastic reasons to book a class. But even if we love the idea of going to workout, why is it sometimes to hard to keep going once you’re actually there?

Motivation is the key to any workout. Unless you want to be there, it’s unlikely you’ll put in your best effort. Mantras may remind you of your yoga class (and yes, they were originally designed to improve concentration when meditating), but they are also one of the best-known secrets for fueling that want-to-be-here feeling.

Need a mantra of your own? Get inspired by some of our workout pals who told us what helps get them through even the toughest, most rewarding workouts:

‘I’m here for me’

Before every yoga practice, Allison always sets her intention to be “I’m here for me.” It helps remind her that for one rare hour, she has dedicated her time fully to her own mind and body—and no one else’s. She is typically prone to comparing herself to others, so a mantra like this helps her focus on her own experience and control that inner monologue.

‘You can’t say I didn’t try my best’

Taking inspiration from Wayne Gretzky’s infamous quote, “The biggest compliment you can pay me is to say I work hard every day,” Katie tells herself that no matter what happens, no one can say she didn’t put in her best effort. By setting herself up to always be satisfied with the outcome, she feels comforted knowing she’ll put in 100 percent.

‘Om namah shivaya’

A classic mantra designed to aid meditation practice in yoga, “Om namah shivaya” literally translates to “I bow to Shiva,” or your inner, supreme self. While it may sound egotistical, Natalie says it actually shows love and respect to the divinity that is within each of us. The repetition of this self-love boosts confidence and allows you to believe in your body all the way to the finish line.

‘If I’ve done that, I can do this’

Brittany finds the best way to get through what she’s trying to do now is to think of everything she’s already accomplished before. Reminding herself of what she’s been capable of in the past, like running that marathon, helps her put things in perspective enough to finish today’s challenge.

‘Just one more today than you did yesterday’

To get herself through a particularly difficult sweat sesh, Aileen tells herself she only needs to go one step further than she did before. Whether it’s one more mile, rep or minute, just knowing she will be stronger than she was yesterday pushes her to finish. And hey, even just one extra second each class adds up after a while!

Stephanie Limiti is a born and raised New Yorker living out her dreams of palm trees and sunshine in Los Angeles. When she's not zenned out in yoga class, she's reading biographies and volunteering at dog rescue shelter. Follow her on Instagram.

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