5 Best Packaged Snacks for Athletes

While it’s always best to snack fresh, when you’re on the run from class to class, having fruit or other perishable items on hand sometimes isn’t an option. We’ve tracked down the best packaged snacks that won’t derail your healthy focus and will still keep you powered for class.

Here are our top picks:

Chia pod

These individual chia puddings are a nutrient-packed yet light snack. Plus, they come with their own spoon, which is key when on the go.

Luna bar

Available in an array of flavors, this bar is a great option when you’re looking for quick fuel that won’t weigh you down. Try the protein versions for added hunger control.

Trail mix

You’ve heard it before, but a handful of protein-packed nuts and seeds really can do wonders for blood sugar stabilization. Trail mix is also available nearly everywhere, so keep a bag in your gym bag for when you need it.

Turkey jerky

For fast protein, jerky is a great choice. Turkey is extra lean and the chewy texture can be particularly satisfying. You can even make your own at home if you’re feeling up for it.


Grabbing a pre-made smoothie can be a good and fast option when needed—just be sure to check the nutrition label to ensure there’s no added sugar. Plus, you can always save the rest for after class if you don’t drink the entire bottle.

Jake Goodrich is an avid sports nut and unapologetic fan of Steve Winwood’s '80s albums.