Here Are the Races You Have to Sign Up For in Australia

The next time you think about skipping class or a run, consider this: Turia Pitt, the inspirational ultra-marathoner who suffered massive third-degree burns after being caught in a bushfire, recently completed the Port Macquarie Ironman.

So we say to you: if she can do it, you definitely can, too!

Regardless if you’re visiting or you’re lucky enough to live in Australia, the country offers athletes seriously beautiful, exceptionally challenging events. Whether you’re into a full-body blitz, spinning, running or swimming, Australia has it all.

We encourage you to take on one of these challenging events as a way to consolidate your progress and conquer. Do this for yourself and know that you’ll have the support of some awesome classes to get you race-day ready:

For the challenge seeker: Tough Mudder 

Tough Mudder is an 18 kilometre (or 11 miles) mud and obstacle course designed to drag you out of your comfort zone by testing your physical strength, stamina and mental grit. With no podiums, winners or clocks to race against, it’s not about how fast you can cross the finish line. Rather, it’s a challenge that emphasizes teamwork, camaraderie and accomplishing something almost as tough as you are.

How to train:

Sydney: They say Tough Mudder is “as mental as it is physical” and so is a class at Enjoy Health & Fitness in Sydney’s Surry Hills, Damien Kelly at Coogee and the Afterburn class at 38X in Manly. Go to any of these three and be prepared to work hard. We guarantee that you will feel amazing afterwards and ready for this challenging event. After the race, we encourage you to take a class at Jivamuktithe ultimate studio for relaxation and renewal.

Brisbane: Head to Science of Fitness for a workout that will burn you to your core or Positive Existence Personal Training to find your people and bolster your moral support.

Melbourne: Chapel Fitness will get your blood pumping. Try boxing to increase stamina and kick to enhance your strength and flexibility, or both to ensure you’re ready for anything and everything.

Perth: If you plan on taking a trip and visiting QLD, VIC or NSW for this epic event, we encourage you to train up at Movement Coone of the most awesome studios to build strength, endurance and stamina.

Adelaide: Get dynamically fit and flexible with The Energy Clinic’s adult gymnastic class, then head to Peak Physique to sweat it out and prep your mind for what’s to come.  

For the kid in you: The Colour Run

The Color Runs are held across all ClassPass AU cities and are known as the happiest 5km runs on the planet. Trust us when we say, you’ll definitely cross the finish line feeling like you stepped through a rainbow. 

How to train:

Perth: Take a run with the Perth Running Club to get your legs used to pounding the pavement for 5km. Relax afterwards at Twenty Four Seven Lifestyle Studio with a Sunday Yin class.

Brisbane: Get your booty ready to rock with Booty Camp, and get your chill on with a yin class from the fun team at Yoga Everyday.

Sydney: Clock the KMs with The Running Company, build strength and endurance at Beach Fit, and calm your nerves afterwards with a relaxing heated flow class at Beach Flow.

Melbourne: Yoga XTC will help you crush your health goals and track your progress by strategically integrating My Zone tracking, body composition analysis, HIIT training and yoga for the best outcomes.

Adelaide: A Bounce Fit class will have your fitness ready to go (did you know you burn as well as your fill your giggle quota for the day?). Bonus points if you take a friend to bounce with.

For the serious cyclist: Peaks Challenge 

This phenomenally tough ride attracts cyclists from across Australia, male and female. Get ready for the challenge whichever mountain you choose. Prepare for this across our ClassPass cities, and then pack your bags and travel with a support crew (we hear you’ll need one).

How to train:

Sydney: AthleteLab has rides designed to get you mentally and physically ready for this race. In fact, it offers mirror versions of the Three Peaks rides. After you return, wind down with Align and Yin at InYoga, and Mellow Hum at HummingPuppy.

Perth: Spin those legs and build serious strength at Box & Bike; stretch it out after the ride at The Yoga Vine.

Melbourne: Get your legs pumped and primed at Art of Cycling, where you’ll have the chance to ride based on your daily training requirements. Choose your jersey for difficulty and style of fitness. Calm your mind and release your pre-race anxiety with a mindfulness session at Radiant Sol Yoga.

Adelaide: Hit a performance class with Ergo Fitness, or head to RPM with Your World Fitness and stay for an anti-gravity yoga class. It’s heavenly for sore backs and achy joints.

Brisbane: You’ll get a full-body workout and build stamina with all the classes on offer at Healthworks. Our top picks: spin and power yoga.

For the water lover: Rottnest Challenge Swim 

This is arguably the toughest swim in Australia. Get together in a group of four, a duo or take on this challenge solo. The race is a 20km (13 miles) swim from Cottesloe Beach to Rottnest Island. Don’t worry about the sharks—you will be surrounded by boats carrying support crew and friends to help you get to that beautiful island. We hear the post-race parties are fun as well. Travel from any of our cities and have fun!

How to train:

Sydney: Train at any of the Belgravia pools, including Andrew Boy Charlton, Prince Alfred and Victoria Park Pool. And to get the mind into gear, take a meditation class at Modo Yoga.

Perth: We have to encourage you to practice in the ocean—the actual course. But at the same time, we think you should work on building strength, so hit up LaFit Studio and One Fitness Health & Lifestyle for all-round body conditioning.

Brisbane: Get your body across the line with Red Frog Fitness’ HIIT and strength classes, then take a chill pill with a yin class from Flex Hot Yoga.

Melbourne: Combine a killer class with your pool time at the Carlton Baths, or tap out and tune in at Grassroots Yoga

Adelaide: Tap into your survival mechanisms with a ‘Fighting Fit’ class from bnatural and warm up with a hot, soulful yoga class at Cosmic Yoga after your morning ocean swim.

For you and your friends: Oxfam TrailWalker

Find your closest and most reliable friends to join you in helping to raise awareness for poverty, and walk either 60km or 100km over 48 hours in beautiful terrain. 

How to train:

Sydney: Build strength and stamina and test your fitness limits at Fit1. Following the race, take a Yin class at Fused to Move to stretch those muscles and calm the mind.

Perth: Build your fitness levels at Pure Moves with barre, Pilates and reformer. After the race, take an aerial class at Rafters Mind Body.

Melbourne: Get seriously toned and develop your functional movement skills with a TRX class at Apparatus, and then stretch it all out at Yoke Yoga.

Brisbane: Increase your agility with a boxing class and surround yourself with the supportive community at Studio 99. Be sure to take a moment out of your busy day to practice gratitude with the team at Inna Bliss Yoga.

Adelaide: Get fit and increase your coordination with Pulse Power, and work on your mental discipline and core strength with a class at Adelaide Yoga Flow.

Bree Pratt is the Partner Success Manager (Sydney and Melbourne) for ClassPass. Bree studied law and practiced in Sydney, but her passion for yoga and work-outs brought her into health and fitness industry. Bree qualified as a Yoga Teacher earlier in 2015, and has recently expanded her fitness regime to include strength, spin, barre and pilates. Bree is hardworking and determined to support all of her ClassPass partners to make their experience with ClassPass as awesome as it can be.