Everything You Need to Know About ClassPass’s Base Plan

Some people are addicted to indoor cycling. Others practice their yoga flows every single day. Finding a workout that really gets you moving isn’t always easy: you have to try new things and explore different methods of working up your heart rate to find your groove. Fitness isn’t a one-size-fits-all experience, and your membership to a fitness program shouldn’t be either.

That’s why ClassPass is excited to introduce our new membership option: The Base Plan.

If you haven’t joined ClassPass yet, get started with a month-long trial of our 5-class Base Plan for $19!


Here’s what you need to know – and how to know if Base is right for you:

What is the Base Plan?

With this membership, you can take five classes per month at any of our 8,000+ partner studios. That’s five classes to spend how you want, when you want – from squats and burpees to pliés and tucks. The best part?  With thousands of studios from St. Louis to Sydney, we’re sure you’ll find classes you’ll love!

Who is the Base Plan Ideal For?

The Base plan could work for anyone, depending on your schedule, fitness goals and current training goals. If you’re preparing for a race, you can make sure your cross-training effectively by breaking up the miles with a strength-training or yoga class. Or, if you’re recovering from an injury, ClassPass offers many restorative and/or stretching classes to help you work out the kinks so you can start getting back into your routine faster. 

If you’re new to fitness, the Base plan will help you discover the type of workout that you enjoy the most. Maybe you love boxing, but you’ve never tried. Or perhaps yoga is something you’ll fall in love with, but you’ve never figured out the poses. The Base plan will help take you from beginner to experienced in just a few months.  

How to Get Started

You can purchase this membership on our homepage (or start with a trial). Price varies by city: find the price in your city here. Still need help? Get in touch with us. 

Haven’t joined ClassPass yet? You can also get started with a month-long trial of our 5-class Base Plan for $19! Limited time only! Sign up: classpass.com.

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