The ClassPass Shower Awards: What’s the Best Locker Room in Your City?

We’ve all been there: you’re scouting out new studios to visit for the week but have plans after work nearly every single day. You need a place that’ll not only offer you a fun and sweaty workout, but that also has ample space, showers and products to help you get ready and out the door, stat. It’s true that not all locker rooms are created equal, and that’s why we rounded up the best facilities in our cities. 

From sauna and steam rooms to complimentary towel service and high-end products, these studios go above and beyond to make sure ClassPassers have all that they need post-workout. That’s why we’re awarding them the ClassPass Shower Awards. 

Go ahead – book a class now and enjoy the relaxation after: 

Atlanta: Torq Cycle Atlanta


Number of Showers: 5*
Average Wait
 5 to 8 minutes

Working out at Torq isn’t for the faint of heart: Expect this cycling class to push you to your limits and give you a total-body workout. After all that sweaty, hard work, you can retreat to the spa-like locker rooms, which offer everything you need to get your day started: private changing rooms, Turkish towels, hair dryers and Malin+Goetz products, like Peppermint Shampoo and Rum-Scented Hand Wash. 
Cool Amenity: As you leave your class, grab a complimentary chilled eucalyptus hand towel to lower your heart rate instantly. 
ClassPasser Rave: “The entire space is fantastic: simple and sleek, and the size is perfect, not too big, not too small. Plus they have Malin & Goetz products in the showers! Fantastic experience, I can’t wait to go back.”

Baltimore: REV Cycle 


Number of Showers: 4 private shower rooms
Average Wait: 10 minutes 

If you’re not a morning person but you want to be, here’s the studio that’ll convince you to wake up early. The instructors always find a way to make you smile during your workout and even while you’re getting ready to head to work. The sleek locker rooms offer four private shower rooms, each equipped with everything from deodorant and local beauty products to a bag for those super-sweaty clothes. While you’re getting ready, you can grab a cold-pressed Gundalow Juice from the boutique, complimentary coffee and check your work e-mail with free WiFi. 
Cool Amenity: If you’ve familiar with REV, you’ll know what it means to “earn the towel.” During the cool-down, you’ll be given an ice-cold lavender aromatherapy towel to really unwind. 

Boston: BFX Studio


Number of Showers: 12
Average Wait: 5 minutes

From indoor cycling to barre and high-intensity classes, BFX Studio has workout tailored to your preferences. Apart from the pretty incredible classes, you’ll also enjoy the luxe feel of its locker rooms to will help you unwind after sweating it out. From an array of amenities, including hair dryers, extra hair ties, deodorant and dry shampoo, to an always super-clean space, getting ready for work won’t feel so stressful.
Cool Amenity: BFX Studio provides organic body wash, shampoo and conditioner from Intelligent Nutrient products. Smells great and benefits the environment, too—it’s a win-win!

Brisbane – Fireshaper


Number of Showers: 6 at Salisbury location, 4 at Capalaba
Average Wait: 3 minutes

As a former Australian Yoga Champion, the manager of this studio knows what’s important during your practice. She also knows that having a place to unwind post-class contributes to the your overall hot yoga experience when visiting a new place. That’s why Fireshaper offers everything you’ll need after striking those poses, from extra hair ties to deodorant in the spa-like locker rooms. 

Charlotte: Reebok CrossFit Charlotte Uptown


Number of Showers: 7
Average Wait: None

At this CrossFit studio, you’re encouraged to check your ego at the door. Everyone is equal in this space as they work out and meet their goals, but Reebok’s locker rooms really set the studio apart. How? It’s a pristine place to get ready to tackle the day ahead, complete with everything you need to get ready: hair dryers, cosmetic products and more. Just don’t forget to write something inspiring on the chalkboard walls before you head in! 

Chicago: Lateral Fitness


Number of Showers: 6
Average Wait: 2-3 minutes

At this studio in the heart of Chicago’s River North, you can dabble in all sorts of workouts: barefoot bootcamp, Hyper 30, Super Circuit and Mat Pilates, to name a few. But if you want to get in a unique workout before heading to the office (or happy hour), you’ll have to pull yourself away from the spa-like facilities that will make you wish your bathroom was this nice. The studio offers filtered water, tea, soft towels, high water pressure and even contact solution if you need it. 
ClassPasser Rave: “The studio is beautiful and has all the little things that make your experience so much better: supplies in the locker room, towels, filtered water, tea and the friendliest staff. Every time I walk in the door, I feel welcomed and not intimidated. Love this gym!”

Columbus: Barre3 – Upper Arlington


Number of Showers: 2
Average Wait: 5 minutes

Let’s be real, if you’re going to take a 6 a.m. class, the very thought of a warm, relaxing shower afterwards might be the only thing that gets you out of bed (well, that and coffee, of course). At Barre3, you’ll know that after you pulse and tuck, you can escape into its luxe locker room that’s equipped with everything you need to start your day. The studio recently partnered with Juice Beauty, so as you’re getting ready, you can use any of their hair and body products. Best of all, while you’re getting ready, enjoy jams from the employees’ fave playlists. 

Dallas: Gaia Flow Yoga Plano


Number of Showers: 5
Average Wait: None

This studio bases everything they teach and preach on one principle: love. We get it – you’ll fall in love with their myriad of classes – and also with their locker rooms. With bright walls and a spacious space to get ready, you will find another way to get that mind-body connection because you’ll be so relaxed. With shampoo, conditioner, Q-tips and more, don’t bring a thing but an open heart. 

Denver: The River Power Vinyasa Yoga


Number of Showers: 6
Average Wait: 2-5 minutes

Located right in the center of the Denver scene on Delaware Street, this yoga studio isn’t just a place to work out. It also prides itself on a homey feeling. Prepare to kick back, relax and feel right at home in the spacious, modern and clean locker rooms. Apart from being beautiful, the facilities are equipped with high-quality products, like EOS, Synergy, Treeline, Tibetan Imports, Onzie, Harmony Products and more. Just don’t forget to bring $1 for a towel rental! 

Houston: HIP Fitness


Number of Showers: 4
Average Wait: None

HIP Fitness is the only studio in Houston to offer the Lagree Fitness Megaformer M3 workout, but that’s not the only thing that separates it from other studios. The roomy studio also features a spacious locker room, equipped with an ever-changing rotation of free products to use, from Dove to Pantene.

Kansas City: CityGym


Number of Showers: 3 private stalls
Average Wait: None

CityGym offers a great workout, sure, but what will inspire you about this studio is its welcoming approach. ClassPass featured CityGym on how it designed its studios, specifically the locker rooms. Individual stalls offer privacy for those who may not want to get ready in front of strangers, giving a comfortable, supportive space to the transgender community. Paired with upscale finishes and antimicrobial stalls, this sweet room lets you escape to one of the shower pods post-class.

Las Vegas: 103 Hot Pilates & Yoga


Number of Showers: 6
Average Wait: 2-5 minutes

There’s no lack of variety in Hot Pilates & Yoga’s classes: Power Flow, Barefoot Bootcamp, Cardio Kick Box, Candlelight Yoga and more. But regardless of what you choose to sign up for, you can look forward to a dreamy escape to the locker rooms. Not only does it offer towel service, soaps, shampoo and conditioner, it also provides a bowl of sea salt to really scrub off all that sweat. 

London: 1Rebel


Number of Showers: 16
Average Wait: 3 minutes

When you visit 1Rebel for one of its high-intensity, DJ-spun classes, you’re guaranteed a few things: You’re going to work out hard and you’ll get the star treatment after you finish. We’re really not kidding. 1Rebel offers heated floors and benches (take that, London rain!), rainfall showers, toner and moisturizer, deodorant, complimentary towels and water and, on some days, a free smoothie. You’ll love it so much, you’ll want to move in.
ClassPasser RaveGreat changing rooms at 1Rebel, loads of space and loads of showers. Frozen lavender wash clothes are a nice touch. The loveliness of the surroundings makes it easier to force yourself out of bed.”

Los Angeles: Sweat Yoga


Number of Showers: 5
Average Wait: None

Sweat Yoga believes in an athletic yoga practice and an organic experience in their locker rooms. Shampoo, conditioner and body washes are all paraban- and sulfate-free, which means your body is not only getting a work out, but is protected, too. While you’re getting ready, enjoy hearing the beats from the stereo, similar to what you heard while you were moving through poses. 
ClassPasser RaveBeautiful studio. Amenities include lockers with built-in locks and beautiful stone showers.”

Melbourne: Move Yoga


Number of Showers: 3
Average Wait: 5 minutes

Located in the heart of Melbourne, this hot yoga studio was founded on a passion for yoga, healthy living and a balanced lifestyle. You can pick from a selection of class types, including express and meditation options, and then retreat to the spa-like locker rooms that feature some pretty amazing premium amenities. Towels, hair dryers, straighteners, body products and hair styling gear are all included, free of charge. 
ClassPasser Rave: “The venue and rooms were aesthetically pleasing, with good soundproofing to block out the city noise.”

Miami: Exhale South Beach


Number of Showers: 4
Average Wait: 5 minutes

If there’s one word to describe the locker rooms (and overall facility) at Exhale South Beach, it’s luxury. After you take one of its classes, you can cool down (or warm up more!) on the Zen Roof terrace or visit their locker rooms and take a dip in the Jacuzzi. In addition to these luxe amenities, Exhale offers an array of high-end products that’ll get you ready to rock your day. 

Minneapolis: Alchemy 


Number of Showers: 8
Average Wait: 5 minutes

This studio not only offers an innovative workout that combines yoga, strength training and high-intensity interval training, but it also has a pretty stellar locker room. With ample space to shower, get ready and cool down post-workout, you’ll feel ready for the day ahead. And get this: The studio doesn’t just challenge your body, it, um, challenges your hair by providing Number 4 high-performance hair care products. 

Nashville: Barry’s Bootcamp


Number of Showers: 4
Average Wait: 5 minutes

If you’ve ever taken a Barry’s Bootcamp class, then you know you’re pretty much guaranteed to work out to the max as you switch between the tread and the floor. But what makes the experience special in Nashville is the attention to detail during and after class. With ample beauty products for your body, hair and face, along with scented candles to mask all that sweat, you might not want to leave for the office. 
ClassPasser RaveThe locker room was fully equipped, and their soaps, candles, moisturizers and cleansers smelled amazing.”

New York: Peloton


Number of Showers: 10
Average Wait: 10 minutes

You name it, and this indoor cycling studio has it: incredible music, inspiring teachers (one was voted one of the top instructors in NYC!) and a locker room you’ll wish was your bathroom at home. Not only does it have a slew of everything you’d need to get ready after your workout—from make-up remover and deodorant to bobby pins, hair ties and more—it also offers flip-flops if you’d rather not go in barefoot to the showers.
ClassPasser RaveThe amenities in the locker room are amazing: great brand of soap, face wash, etc. and even so thoughtful to provide flip-flops to shower.”

Orange County: CycleLab Fitness Studio


Number of Showers: 2
Average Wait: 10 minutes 

The owner of this Orange County-favorite indoor cycling studio, Pon, also owns his own hair salon. So after you get your heart rate up during one of the many themed-rides (like Tone & Spin, Hip-Hop Sculpt and more), you can enjoy fancy, smell-good products, all courtesy of the salon. Another big bonus? Water bottles, fruit and protein bars are all free, too. 

Orlando: The Spa at Hyatt Regency


Number of Showers: 10
Average Wait: 5 minutes

You’ll feel like you’re on vacation at this studio that’s part of the Hyatt Regency hotel. After taking a yoga class, you get full access to the facilities, which include a steam room, a whirlpool hot tub and an array of high-end products. Truly a luxe experience, we suggest catching a class on a Saturday (or after a particularly tough day at work) and staying put for a few hours and relaxing.
ClassPasser Rave: “Great start to the day! I wasn’t sure if this was going to be a traditional yoga class, but was happy that Russ started the class with vinyasa flows and then ended it with some nice yin poses. Great facility also.”

Philadelphia: Ellis Athletic Center


Number of Showers: 4
Average Wait: None

This fitness center has a little bit of everything—yoga, Zumba, barre and circuit-training classes—so you’ll never tire of coming back to try something new. The large locker rooms feature many benches, towels, lotions, shampoo, conditioner, and even toothpaste and aftershave. 

Portland: The Bar Method


Number of Showers: 3
Average Wait: 5 minutes

After you work on your pulsating, tucking and tightening in a Bar Method class, retreat to the calm, spa-like facilities, full of fresh flowers, plentiful towels and products, and more. In addition to the nice-smelling products that’ll leave you feeling refreshed, this studio also boasts great water pressure and private stalls for more comfort. 
ClassPasser RaveThe studio space is very well organized. I love the layout of the locker rooms and the cleanliness of the space.”

Raleigh: Burn Athletic 


Number of Showers: 4
Average Wait: 5 minutes

If you’re a morning person and love hitting a hard class before heading to the office, visit BURN Athletic. It offers something for every type of athlete—indoor cycling, hot yoga and circuit training, all centered around building a community and cheering one another on. With all those feel-good vibes to start the day, continue the experience at the spa-like locker rooms that features everything you need to get ready. Something you’ll definitely love? The rainfall shower heads with intense water pressure.

San Diego: Mission Valley Hapa


Number of Showers: 3
Average Wait: 5 minutes

If you think yoga isn’t a workout, think again: This studio infuses cardio, strength training and more into its yoga practices, ensuring you’ll work up a sweat. After a invigorating flow, grab a shower in the beautiful locker rooms. With towel rentals, three showers and plenty of products (including hair styling tools!), you’ll be ready to face your day energized and refreshed. If you’re a parent, consider their childcare, which is only $25 a month.

San Francisco: Barry’s Bootcamp


Number of Showers: 6
Average Wait: 10 minutes

After pushing your body (and mind) to switch between the treadmill and weights for an hour, order a smoothie at the Fuel Bar and it’ll be waiting for you post-shower. In addition to Malin & Goetz products, Barry’s also offers all of the essentials you need for the morning, mid-day or night: deodorant, face wash, lotion and more. Might we suggest heading there on your next lunch break?

Seattle: The Bar Method – Seattle


Number of Showers: 3
Average Wait: 5 minutes

If you ever imagined a gorgeous ensuite for a master bedroom, it might look like the spacious, modern and clean locker room at The Bar Method. No joke—this studio has chandeliers, music streaming and tons of mirrors, so you’ll always have a place to check yourself out when you get ready. It’s a must-visit for travelers, as the room faces the space needle while you work out. What’s not to love?
ClassPasser Rave: “The South Lake Union location has a beautiful facility with lockers and showers!”

St. Louis: Shred415


Number of Showers: 4
Average Wait: 5 minutes

Regardless of whether you’re taking Arms & Abs or Total Body, you’ll leave Shred415 feeling like a rock star. But hey, even rock stars like a nice place to shower and get ready for the day. After your workout, enjoy lots of products—from deodorant, hair ties, bobby pins, lotion and more —that give you a reason to pack less in your gym bag. 
ClassPasser Rave: “Love the smell of the shampoo and conditioner!”

Toronto: Hard Candy Fitness Toronto


Number of Showers: 22
Average Wait: 2 minutes

The Hard Candy Fitness brand was created by Madonna in 2010, and has grown to include locations across the world. At this studio, there are 22 showers – that’s right, 22! – so regardless if you head to work or happy hour afterwards, you’ll be able to get ready quickly. In addition to an array of products, towel service and sleek facilities, you can also enjoy their steam and sauna rooms to really rejuvenate post-workout. Don’t forget to stop by their juice bar on your way out the door for a refueling smoothie!

Vancouver: Eastwood Cycle Sanctuary


Number of Showers: 4
Average Wait: 5 minutes

Not only will you love the intense cycling workout this studio offers, but you’ll fall in love with the building! It’s more than 100 years old and has a moroccan sanctuary design, featuring exposed brick and the original rock foundation from long ago. In addition to showers, changing rooms, lockers, beauty products and hair products by AG Hair, they also offer lint rollers to make sure you’re ready to face the day. 

*Number of showers combines both men and women’s locker rooms.

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