Happy Sunshine! Sign Up for These Outdoor Classes in Your City!

With more hours of daylight and warmer temperatures now, there are so many opportunities to explore outdoor fitness classes.

In addition to freshening up your routine, there are plenty of mental health benefits to outdoor exercise. Studies show people who exercise outside experience a greater decrease in tension, confusion, anger and depression. With just five minutes of exercise in a green space, you can experience improved moods and self-esteem. Other benefits include improved attention and focus, more energy and higher levels of vitamin D (gotta love that sunshine!).

To realize these benefits in a group fitness environment, try one of these innovative and fun fresh-air classes at ClassPass studios across the country:


Precision Running class at Mecca Gym & Spa

You’ll start at Mecca Gym & Spa and head to the nearby hiking and biking trail, where you’ll complete a three- to five-mile running circuit. In addition to working on cardio, you’ll also perform various drills and exercises along the way to improve your running form, technique and speed. On the way back, you’ll enjoy a cool-down stretch that emphasizes muscular balance, body alignment and posture.


FloYo signature class at FloYo

Never worry about finding the outdoor class at this studio—they’re all outside! While they took a hiatus during the cooler winter months, they’re now back in action and ready to help you work up a sweat.

Outdoor Cycling at REV Cycle

Choose one of three morning spin classes offered at 8, 9 and 10. And—get this—the studio is partnering up with FX Studio’s Under Armour Performance Center, which has a beautiful, waterfront facility located right on campus at the Under Armour headquarters in Baltimore. That means you’re in for the biggest outdoor spin experience the city’s ever seen, with 70 bikes in each class, giveaways, food trucks, live music, a photo booth and more!


Outdoor Bootcamp at Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women (Back Bay)

Weather permitting, you can enjoy the outdoor version of this challenging workout offering various types of bootcamps including kettlebells, sports conditioning, boxing and basic training. The instructors customize the class to satisfy a multitude of goals and fitness levels, so don’t be shy, just show up!

Outdoor Track at MyStryde (Southie)

Meet at the track in Southie for a full hour of this unique outdoor track workout, including a warm-up and cool down. The exercise works on mostly shorter, faster sprints to build your speed for your everyday run or help you prepare for a race!


SUP Yoga at BIG SUP Yoga – 288 Lake

Take your yoga practice off the mat and onto the water. SUP (Stand Up Paddle) yoga teaches you basic paddle boarding skills and lets you rock out a 60-minute yoga practice surrounded by nature.


P90X at D-man Fitness

This is a brand new class and it is now available outdoors. P90X LIVE is different than other workouts: it incorporates principles from personal training, functional strength coaching and small group training with exercise options for all fitness levels. 

Los Angeles

Boot Camp at South Weddington Park at WorkoutLA Studio City

This high-energy, outdoor, strength- and conditioning-based fitness bootcamp program is sure to have your heart pumping and every part of your body sweating. Increase your strength and stamina, improve muscle tone, burn loads of calories, meet new friends, decrease stress and increase your self-esteem.

Cardio Beach Fit at Marina Athletic Club

Meet at Mother’s Beach in beautiful Marina del Rey for a program that uses elements of Crossfit and high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T) and is proven to shed fat, preserve muscle, increase strength and power, and improve overall fitness. No yelling, no singling out—only positive reinforcement.

Outdoor Bootcamp at Sue D Fit Bootcamp

Enjoy the scenic Berkeley Hills as Sue leads you through an hour-long workout that will inspire, invigorate, challenge and motivate you to want more. Build up greater cardio fitness and endurance each time you go. Fair warning: No muscle is left untouched!

Stroller Strides at Fit4Mom – The Grove

The country’s largest fitness program for moms, offering both pre- and post-natal fitness classes, helps you get your exercise and shopping done in one outing. (We’re serious!) Bring your yoga mat and some water, and meet in front of the fountain by the movie theater at The Grove. You don’t have to have a jogging stroller, just make sure yours is sturdy and not prone to tipping.

Sunset Beach Yoga at Beach Yoga With Brad

What better way to wind down after a long day than by doing a yoga practice in the fresh air with the sight and sounds of the crashing surf and the sun lowering over the horizon? Go home with a relaxed mind and body.

Train Run at Muddy Warriors

This class is for anyone who wants to be active and healthy and is craving a lifestyle change. Go back to basics by training in the most natural outdoor environment with a program that offers an intense mix of cardio and strength training tailored to each client’s individual fitness level.

YogaFitFusion at FLX Physique

Deepen your practice, perfect your poses and tone your entire body among the beautiful setting of Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey. This class combines traditional yoga asanas with targeted toning and cardio exercises for a full-body workout that will sculpt your muscles and increase balance and flexibility. Instructors focus on correct alignment and individual attention to give you personal training results.


Delano Beach Bootcamp at V-Art of Wellness – Miami Beach

Enjoy a unique beach fitness experiences in this 60-minute circuit training suitable for all levels. Prepare to reinvigorate your mind, body and spirit by reducing stress and achieving weight loss.

Rooftop Yoga at Pilathon

Catch your breath while watching the sunset and relaxing to the sound of silence and waves crashing against the shore. With a 360-view of Miami City, this small outdoor personalized group class allows you to harness your positive energy while focusing on your own spiritual priorities through a wide variety of breathing and strengthening techniques.


FloYo at Nashville Paddle Company

Ready to practice yoga on a paddleboard? During FloYo, you’ll get a great core workout as you experience balancing from a whole new perspective and take in the beautiful scenery and wildlife inside the Hamilton Creek Recreation Area. Even if you’re brand new to paddleboards or yoga, you’ll quickly begin to feel comfortable and be able to enjoy yourself on the water.

New York

Circuit of Change Outdoor @ Pier 46

This isn’t your average workout. Rather, this motivating and inspiring class transitions quickly through tribal sequencing and high-intensity training intervals that will get you sweating in the blink of an eye. Follow as best you can—just don’t stop moving!

HYVÄ Athletic Nordic Walking at HYVÄ Nordic Walking

Amp up your walking game while enjoying some fresh air in Central Park. This full-body, low-impact cardio exercise engages 90% of your muscles while burning 40% more calories than regular walking alone. Wireless audio lets the instructor give real-time guidance and provide heart-pumping beats to get you inspired.  

Outdoor EVF at EVF Performance – Upper East Side

Surprise yourself with your own abilities during this safe, scalable, mind-blowing, hour-long strength and conditioning class. You’ll be doing everything from squats and jump rope to burpees and sit-ups to torch calories while gaining muscle and sculpting leaner limbs.

Uplift Your Workout Outdoors Express

Offered on Mondays at 6:30 p.m., this class meets at 23rd Street and West Side Highway. During the 60-minute class, expect a 10-minute light jog warm-up, some fun speed work on your feet, mini-strength circuits using body weight and outdoor equipment like benches and grass, followed by another light jog and some plyometrics. Some experienced running (at any pace) is suggested.

Monday Runday, Outdoor Tough Love and Outdoor Lockdown at ConBody

On Mondays you can run the Manhattan Bridge with founder, Coss Martin. On Tuesdays enjoy the classic Tough love workout in an outdoor setting. Wednesdays you can work your lower body with Sultan outdoor as well.

Yoga in the Park at New Leaf Yoga & Pilates

Saturday morning yoga classes in Prospect Park begin June 4th. Bring your own mat and meet at the New Leaf front desk 5 minutes before the schedule time. Your teacher will walk you to the workout spot in Prospect Park. 


Outdoor Bootcamp at Bodyrock Boot Camp

Forget the bootcamp you’re used to. Bodyrock Bootcamp takes the traditional bootcamp and remixes it like a DJ for a workout you (and your muscles!) will never forget. Best of all? Classes are held outdoors by the Schuylkill Banks running path.

Outdoor Bootcamp at CoreFitness

Enjoy a full-body workout in the great outdoors in a socially fit atmosphere. This class focuses on endurance, agility, strength, balance and flexibility by using traditional exercises (think push ups, planks, squats). The outdoor terrain provides all the equipment you need.  

Ranger Cross Training at Professional Touch Fitness

Get your sweat on like a professional Ranger with this 45-minute, high-energy workout consisting of a combination of three exercises: military calisthenics, abs, butt, legs and obstacle circuit rotation.  

San Diego

SUP (Stand-Up Paddle) at Paddle Board Bliss

With locations in San Diego, Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, this is one paddleboard class you’ll love. Push your boundaries and get comfortable off the token mat. Plus, what’s better than working on your core while being in the water? Best cool down ever.

San Francisco

Bootcamp and GYMwerk at WERKout

This 45-minute high-intensity bootcamp uses TRX, Core Wheels, partner drills and the playground to get you moving. Meet by the tennis and basketball courts with your yoga mat or workout gloves.

Functional Fitness at Kokoda

As you arrive, be on the lookout for a large black Kokoda van and get ready to get your heart rate up. Classes use high-intensity interval training and circuit-style workouts with various pieces of equipment such as conditioning ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, jump ropes and more.

Outdoor Bootcamp at City Bootcamp

Choose between three gorgeous class locations around San Francisco: Dolores Park, Noe Valley and The Embarcadero. A guaranteed good workout with a stellar view—it doesn’t get much better than that!

Outdoor Workout at Project Drop

Run stairs, work on your core on bleachers and more at Project Drop. It’s all about teamwork, inspiring a healthy lifestyle and motivating you to reach your goals. Best part? It always changes, so try to keep up!

Paddleboard 101 at 101 Surf Sports

Enjoy the the tranquil waterways of the San Rafael Canal with this basic introductory lesson offers everything a first-time paddler needs to know to get paddling. After going over the fundamentals—from correct paddle stroke techniques to general safety skills and guidelines—on dry land, you’ll take to the water solo or with other ClassPass Members. Enjoy the the tranquil waterways of the San Rafael Canal as you hone your new skills and gain confidence in the most picture-perfect setting.

Power Yoga at Outdoor Yoga SF

Flow through a creative vinyasa practice alongside towering old trees as you build your strength in an environment that’s all part of the experience. Come prepared with an extra warm layer of clothing and your mat.

Weekend Kick-Off at Avid Fit

Classes meet on the Marina Green at Marina Boulevard and Fillmore Street by the black Avid Fit sign. Expect a total body burn and cardio by way of intense interval training throughout the 45 minutes. Bring your water, but a yoga mat is optional.

Washington, D.C.

Bootcamp at Sergeant’s Fitness Concepts

These co-ed fitness classes embody military physical fitness concepts without the in-your-face drill instructor persona. Each location is called a platoon and classes are held outdoors in the early morning or late evening hours year-round.