5 Aussie Instructors Share How to Make Your Workout Inspired

When you’re in the daily grind of working out, it can be easy to feel burned out from the same ole’-same ole’. With ClassPass, you’re able to try everything from boxing to barre, which not only engages your core, but your mind, too. Even so, if you really want to step outside of your normal routine and take your fitness to the next level, you may need an extra push to get out. 

You may need to feel inspired. Right?

That’s where these talented and strong instructors come in: they not only teach classes, but they make fitness the biggest part of their life. Here are their recommendations on how to really shake things up and get motivated again:

Always come prepared – and excited! 

“When it comes to being a fitness instructor, like many, we are motivated by the desire to make a difference. One of our aims is that clients leave their session feeling a sense of achievement, no matter how big or small. And for us, the studio environment and culture is a big part of that, starting from the moment clients walk through the door.

Visiting a new studio can be a little like dating. Exciting, but daunting. We have a general idea, but we won’t really know until we arrive. Each studio or facility has its own style, so the easiest way to ensure you are prepared for your visit is to familiarize yourself with their etiquette. Check you’ve brought the correct exercise clothing/gear, and keep a fresh gym towel in your bag just in case you can squeeze in that lunchtime class, to ensure great hygiene. Arrive at the requested time (not too early, not too late) and be prepared for class.

Most importantly, be positive and bring your enthusiasm: Whether you’re experienced or a first-timer, good energy is contagious and contributes to a happier class dynamic.”CJ from Apparatus

Take the adventure outside of class

“Adventures outside of the class (like mountain biking and ski trips and more) are an amazing way to integrate your personal values with your daily yoga or fitness practice by challenging yourself and allowing yourself to soak up the lessons, the successes (and perhaps the setbacks) with time and space for reflection. Whether you sign up for an adventure through a studio like ours or go on your own, it’s always a good idea to get outside!” –Troy Abraham – Move Yoga

Transform your yoga practice by taking a workshop with a friend:

“Our passion for the things we enjoy in life are messages from our spirit pointing us in the direction to a fulfilling life. The knowledge gained through taking workshops and teacher training provides a wonderful base to keep growing your practice in leaps and bounds. Studying helps you to reach new levels of insight that can directly support and improve your practice. Applied knowledge helps to take your practice to new depths physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It really is a holistic practice that once you start diving into, it gives benefits in all areas of your life. And you make new amazing friendships along the way, plus it’s more time spent in that blissful yoga state of being!” –Andrea Parsons from East West Hot Yoga & Pilates (formerly Hotbox Yoga)

Get lost in your own city

“Allow yourself to get lost down the rabbit hole – set a whole day aside and challenge yourself to visit at least three places that you’ve never been before. Make a reservation at a gym or studio you’ve never been to before, check out that hard to find coffee shop, wander through a neighborhood you don’t usually spend time in.

Make a photo story as you go, noticing the flora and fauna, interesting or heritage buildings, structures and artwork. Extra points if you tag those hard to find spots on your social networks, or run or bike between spots (you’ll see more!).” –Ethan from Your World Fitness

Work out ethically

“Your health and fitness is holistic, and it’s important to consider how you can incorporate ethics and integrity into your life and routine. You can start by asking the very important question, #WhoMadeMyClothes and supporting ethical retailers and producers. Purchase natural and organic products wherever you can, and do your research before you make the purchase. Get involved with campaigns such as Fashion RevolutionOne of my favorite online retailers is Fire & Shine, a locally owned company who support ethical production and trade.” –Julie from Shri Yoga


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