6 Easy, Healthy Paleo Lunches You Can Make in 30 Minutes

Are you interested in letting the Paleo way of eating fuel your powerhouse of a bod? Good—it’s an amazing way to eat. The beloved Paleo diet has been attributed to soaring energy levels and strong, lean muscles. More importantly, it supports a nutritional foundation that inspires the human body chemically to build muscle.

But if you follow any food bloggers or Instagrammers, you likely see how they spend their Sundays meal prepping. Hours and hours of time to eat for the week might seem a little daunting, especially if you’re not schooled on the Paleo diet recommendations. But don’t worry, there are plenty (and plenty!) of recipes that are simple, regardless of your cooking experience.

Here are some nutritious Paleo lunch go-to’s that you can make 30 minutes before you head out the door:

Perfect Paleo Pancakes For Simple Snacking

Yumz. These pancakes are not only protein-packed and tasty, but they follow Paleo guidelines. The best part? You can whip up a big batch and toss the extras in the freezer. Throughout the week, grab a pancake, toast it and indulge. Don’t stress about cooking either. This pancake recipe is designed to be flip-friendly.

Italian Mama’s Meatballs For Dinner

Have fun with this one! Meatballs are awesome to heat up as a snack, add to a dinner entree of veggies, or have on the side of soup or salad. This recipe calls for a slow cooker, so once it’s in there you don’t have to spend your time hovering over a stovetop. Prep extra now, so you can heat ’em up later.

Sweet Plantain Pinwheels As A Side Dish

This sweet snack is totally sustaining, and the creamy prosciutto filling will melt in your mouth. The pinwheels can be served as an addition to your meal, or they can stand alone as a super-snack. You’ll love them so much that you’ll likely whip up a batch as an appetizer the next time you’re hosting a dinner party.

Quick Tuna and Avocado Wraps For Lunch

Guacamole acts a binding agent in this tuna salad recipe that is best served wrapped in a crunchy lettuce leaf. Stir up a big batch of the tuna and avocado salad, add lime juice (which helps keep the avocado from turning), and scoop the mixture into lettuce leaves when you get the itch to eat. Mmm…

Zucchini Pasta Pesto For Before Class

Freshen up mealtime with this basil-packed dish. Spiralize your zucchini to create the healthy “noodles” and toss them in a pesto. You can prep this a few days in advance as long as you keep it refrigerated.

Chicken Tortilla Soup For After Class

Stir up a big batch of soup—it’s the perfect thing to freeze and reheat for lunches, dinners or the hungry in-betweens. Pick a sustaining recipe, like this one. The chicken and vegetable medley with the hint of jalapeno will totally satisfy you.

Dana Baardsen is a social media editor and freelance health writer and coach in New York City. She manages the The Health Ring, which she founded in 2013, and loves blowing off steam in her favorite fitness classes!