Tech Savvy Workout Gear For the Data Driven

Wearable tech is still a buzzword and for good reason. There is something astonishing about the idea of clothing actually improving your fitness routine. From insoles to shirts, clothing is getting smarter as time goes on.

Here are a few of our top picks for what’s out there right now:

Smart Socks

Yes, this is a bit pricey for a pair of socks, but the tech behind them just might stack up. Infused with sensors and synced with a Bluetooth anklet, these socks not only promise more accurate activity tracking – think step length, calories, altitude – they also provide personalized information on your running technique, such as how your foot lands and weight distribution. Wear it while running and you might just learn new things about your stride.
Try it nowSensoria Fitness Socks and Anklet, $200

Smart Tank

This is truly a smart shirt. Synced with its own app, the Hexoskin device tracks your performance and allow you to program your workouts into it. Embedded with sensors, you’ll gain information on your breathing movement and heart rate. It’s also a good alternative to a bulky heart rate monitor.
Try it nowHexoskin Tank, $400

Smart T-Shirt

This is the guy’s version of the above tank. Compatible with various smartphone brands, this shirt provides biometric data about the wearer, including breathing depth and balance. It includes a Bluetooth enabled detachable device that fits into the shirt while still providing a comfortable fit.
Try it now: PoloTech Shirt, $300

Smart Leggings 

These pants leverage 12 bio-sensors to inform you of how hard your body is actually working during a given workout. The high-compression fabric is also said to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness, so you’ll be moving better all while getting the benefits of actually knowing it.
Try it nowAthos Leggings, $348

Smart Insoles

Smartphone connected, these insoles do more than provide support. The related app syncs with an activity tracker and also provides caloric burn. You can also use them to keep your feet warm by adjusting the built-in thermostat from your phone (each insole can be adjusted to its unique temperature).
Try it nowDigitsole, $200

Jake Goodrich is an avid sports nut and unapologetic fan of Steve Winwood’s '80s albums.