Fit 5: Female-Only Classes

More than ever, women are becoming stronger than ever when it comes to fitness and pushing the envelope in the world of professional sports. While girl squad-only classes have their perks and place in our sweat calendar, they’re no longer your mother’s “women’s-only” fitness classes. Women are sweating alongside our male comrades in addition to each other, and sometimes even breaking ceilings in the world of fitness in the process.

The following class genres are a great place to build up that strong female spirit and get inspired to dominate your goals in fitness and beyond.

Class Type: Martial arts
Why: Self defense skills are sexy! Plus, a solid mind-body connection will help you focus in other challenging aspects of your life outside the studio.

Studio Recommendations:
FitFight Training Center (San Francisco)
Combat Sports Boston (Boston)

Class Type:  Strength training
Why: Building the foundation necessary for more challenging workouts begins with basic strength training of all muscle groups. Rock out in these classes and pump your strength and skills up to take on your next sweat challenge.

Studio Recommendations:
Women’s Fitness (Portland)
Uplift Studios New York 
Women’s Fitness of Boston

Class Type: Pole fitness
Why: Nothing builds confidence and fuels an exciting experience quite like a pole fitness class. Let your inhibitions about dance skills fly away in a class with your girl squad, and get lost in the fun!

Studio Recommendations:
Flirty Girl Fitness (Chicago)

Class Type: Boxing
Why: In ladies-only classes, you’ve found your perfect opponent! Learn some killer moves with ladies just like you, without the intimidation factor.

Studio Recommendations:
Hold tight! We’ll be back soon with great studio recommendations!

Class Type:  Bootcamp
Why: Bootcamp classes focus on camaraderie, so partaking in partner-based exercises will help you work together as a pair and strengthen your bond, and maybe even get a little healthy competition going!

Studio Recommendations:

Hold tight! We’ll be back soon with great studio recommendations!

Mandy Gragg is a New York City-based certified personal trainer/group fitness instructor and an active fashion and beauty blogger.