The Best Valentine’s Day Wear for However You’re Working Out

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, which means it’s time to celebrate the long-term, fulfilling, committed relationship you have—with fitnessTo help get your workouts into the spirit, we’ve rounded up a few items with V-Day flair. Here’s some of our favorite love-inspired gear.

For yoga class

Rock this tank while you’re finding your heart center in tree pose. For each tank purchased, $1 is donated to the Migrant Offshore Aid Station to help refugees trapped at sea.
Heart Center Yoga Tank, $36,

For Pilates

Whether you’re a Pilates machine junkie or have always wanted to try Pilates with toys, these Wild Rose Pilates Loops will get you stretched and toned in style.
Good Citizen Wild Rose Pilates Loops, $60,

For HIIT class

Even through fast-paced burpees and squat jump series, everything will stay put in this sports bra. Plus, the mesh panels will help keep you cool while you’re working up a sweat.
Gravity Combat Bra, $72,

For hot yoga

Twist and sweat in this tiny tank. Made from 100% cotton, it’ll absorb all the moisture dripping off of you during your vinyasas.
I Am Love Tank, $35,

For outdoor runs

Run, jog and sprint your heart out while staying warm, thanks to this beautifully patterned neck warmer. It’s great for trapping moisture when you’re working toward breaking your fastest run time.
Baldosa Rosa Neck Warmer, $20,

For dual-purpose wear

Kate Spade and Beyond Yoga partnered to create a gorgeous collection of workout gear. What we love most about this peek-a-boo bra is its versatility—wear it for dance class or out on date night with your partner or pals. 
Beyond Yoga + Kate Spade Peek-A-Boo Bra, $84,

For barre class

What’s better than taking a workout class where you get to wear socks? Point your toes in these fun Valentine’s Day-inspired crew socks to turn up and turn out.
Valentine’s Day Crew Socks, $18,

For sunrise salutations

The sun isn’t up, but you’re raring to go at a morning yoga class. Use this purple and pink grip mat to help keep you grounded as you move through vinyasa.
Yogitoes Grip Mat, $64,

For dance class

When you’re shaking it like Shakira, you want to wear a getup with flair. These pink ombre capris are the perfect solution.
Pink Ombre Capri, $45,

For race training

When you’re training for an upcoming race, the last thing you want to do is wear workout gear that’s going to weigh you down and hurt your performance. This hoodie is designed to keep you warm while still being super lightweight.
Linear Speedster Running Hoodie, $115,

For bootcamp

Red is a power color, which you’ll want to wear when you’re tackling obstacles at bootcamp. Another feel-good bonus: All proceeds go to the American Heart Association.
American Heart Association Wrap Tee, $22,

For cardio class

Stay hydrated while you’re getting your heart rate up at cardio class. Grab this super cute water bottle to take a swig of water whenever you need it.
Gym Squad Water Bottle, $17,

For boxing class

You’re training like a boxer, gloves and all. So why not complete the look with a pair of boxing shorts? Proceeds go to the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure.
Race for the Cure Gym Shorts, $29,

For martial arts class

Strap on this tie sweatband and channel your inner ninja while you’re kicking and karate chopping. After all, ninjas would never let sweat get in the way of defeating an opponent.
Halo Tie Sweatband, $12,

For any class

Working out in a new pair of kicks instantly adds more bounce to your moves. If you’re looking to replace your worn-out gym sneakers, these pink flex trainers from Nike are just want you need.
Nike Flex Trainer Sneakers, $70,

For early-morning workouts

Morning classes call for hoodies, especially one like this soft, oversized cotton jacket you can leave on during your warm up.
Love Red Running Hoodie, $40,

For treadmill training

When you’re running at the gym, you want to tune out everything around you. These noise-cancelling headphones will blast your favorite beast-mode playlist while comfortably staying in place. 
Soundlink Wireless Headphones, $280,

For core workouts

If you’re putting your abs through crunches, planks and leg lifts, why not give your stomach a kiss for all the hard work it’s doing? This smooch tee does just that. Show your core some love.
Karma Raw Edge V-Tee, $52,


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