The Best Long-Sleeved Top for Whatever Class You’re Taking

Winter weather means you’re likely reaching for something warmer than your typical tank top to wear to class. But if your long-sleeved workout options consist of shirts from your college 5Ks, it’s time for a workout wardrobe upgrade.

Ready for a revamp? Here are eight long-sleeved shirts for whatever class you’re headed to.

For cardio

When you’re doing a class that has a big cardio component, it might be tough to think about wearing something with sleeves. Consider this top, which features made-to-move material with moisture wicking technology to keep you dry all workout long.
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For outdoor class

You’ll stay warm during your outdoor bootcamp class or running group with this long-sleeved shirt made with HeatGear to help maintain your body temperature. You won’t get too hot, but you also won’t feel like you’d rather run back inside than take another lap.
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For HIIT class

For your toughest classes, like high-intensity interval training, you need a shirt you don’t have to worry about. Opt for something more fitted so you aren’t constantly worrying if your top is about to fly up or get tangled. This inexpensive option is a great choice, and even better for your wardrobe since it comes 14 different colors.
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For bootcamp class

When you’re switching between running and lifting weights, you want athletic wear that lets your body move with ease. This shirt is breathable, durable and keeps moisture from collecting under your pits. Which is pretty important when it comes to long-sleeved tops, don’t you think?
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For morning class

When your alarm goes off at 6:30 a.m. and it’s freezing outside, the last thing you want to do is change your clothes. Sleep in this long-sleeved tee at night, and it’ll give you added warmth during your cooler morning workouts.
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For yoga class

Long-sleeved tops are great for warmth but also for getting you to actually rest during savasana. This cozy cotton shirt encourages you to welcome meditation while also helping you to nail your downward dog.
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For dance class

When you need to wave your arms in the air like you just don’t care, you want a flowy number that moves with you. Enter this long-sleeved waffle top designed by Carrie Underwood that’s not only pretty cute, but also functional. 
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For boxing

Professional boxers will wear layers to sweat more during an already super-sweaty training session. If you want to go for their level of dedication, try this sweet long-sleeved top from Lululemon that features thumbholes for added padding.
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