5 Clean Eating Programs You Might Want to Try

Do you know how hard it is to find a clean eating program you will really love? Really, really hard. Some programs will set you up for success, while others can really just not be enough to give you lasting effects. Luckily, we found some different clean eating programs for you to try in moderation:


Similar to the paleo diet, this way of eating will transform the way you look at ingredients—potentially for a lifetime—though the diet only lasts for 30 days. Simply put, you cut out added/refined sugar, dairy, gluten, grains, legumes and booze for a month, and then you add one back at a time to see how your body responds. Testing out the Whole30 plan is a great way to ease into a stricter diet plan, like the paleo diet which is similar in its basic guidelines. If you’re going to try the Whole30 route, we suggest finding a buddy to try it with – there’s definitely strength in numbers when you’ve gone ten whole days drinking black coffee, trust us. 

Paleo Diet

This is a long-term killer eating plan that will leave you feeling strong and satisfied. Leave the carbs and refined sugar in 2015 along with alcohol, legumes dairy and vegetable oils. Focus on grass-fed meats and heaping servings of vegetables. Eat plenty of healthy fats like coconut or olive oil—this diet is actually high in fat! A downfall to this diet is the potential for sugar slip-ups which will be more harmful to the body because of the higher fat intake.

Juice Detox

Juicing can do wonders for the human body (we are such fans!) but relying solely on a strict juice diet can leave you feeling fatigued and nauseous, especially if you are continuing your usual fitness routine. Go to town with your juicer, but sip on them between meals versus instead of meals.


Teatoxing can be great in conjunction with healthy eating and working out, but if you’re taking part in a strict teatox cleanse, don’t exert yourself physically and try not to go more than three days. Similar to juicing, it’s really best to teatox in-between meals versus instead of meals, especially if you are working out.

Mediterranean Diet

Your heart will love you long time for this one. Stay super hydrated and fill your plate with heart-healthy omegas and veggies. Replace butter with extra virgin olive oil and munch on salmon instead of beef. Shower your salads with nuts and seeds and indulge in that glass of red with your meal.


Dana Baardsen is a social media editor and freelance health writer and coach in New York City. She manages the The Health Ring, which she founded in 2013, and loves blowing off steam in her favorite fitness classes!