Most Moving Instructors of 2015: East Coast


Congratulations to our Most Motivating Instructors on the East Coast. From New York to Miami, here are the instructors that really make you give our all during and after class:


20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_ATL-Alex-MAlex Martinez
Instructor at Torq Cycle
“He is always welcoming when you walk in, even if it’s 5:45 a.m. He helps you set up your bike, regardless of how often you come. And after class, he walks around asking if you need anything, like fresh coffee. His playlists help keep you motivated, but more importantly, he’s an energetic and engaged instructor. He’s attentive, and it’s obvious he wants everyone to push themselves.” –Rachel G.

“The energy of the rides in Alex’s class are unlike anything I’ve experienced. His instruction and attention to form allow you to push yourself while avoiding injury. The studio itself is my favorite on ClassPass, but having such a high-caliber instructor is the icing on the cake.” -Kyle T.

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_ATL-LindsayLindsay Bond
Instructor at The Training Room
“Each time I go to her class, she has a completely different workout from the last. Her positive attitude is contagious, and she always walks around during the workout to provide motivation as well as assistance. During one very challenging workout, she cheered us on and took videos and pictures of us to share. I loved that!” -Kirsten J. 

“Lindsay is the best. I go to her 6:30 a.m. on Wednesdays—I don’t think I could get up that early for anyone else! She’s so motivating and always makes sure we are doing the moves right. She makes us laugh and has killer music to boot.” -Bridget C.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_BALT-Jason-WilliamsJason Williams
Instructor at Maryland Athletic Club, Wellbridge, M.Power Yoga
Jason is not only a knowledgable instructor, he makes barre classes fun with his tribute to musical artists. My favorites are Prince themed, boy band themed and Justin Timberlake barre class!” -Jaime







Kate Rowe
Instructor at Beachfit
“Believe it or not, but Kate Rowe is a ray of sunshine at 6:15 a.m.! I love how she keeps everything fun but challenging. Even when I’m not in the mood or feel like I can’t do anymore, she pushes me to keep going. It’s an awesome way to start your Tuesday morning.” -Katie A.






20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_BOS-Kelly-BrabantKelly Brabant
Instructor at BFX Studios and The Club By George Foreman
“Kelly is by far one of the most positive, radiant, passionate people I’ve ever met. She is enthusiastic and encouraging yet has pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go in a workout. She reminds us all to breathe and have fun, as that’s what exercise should be. She tells us we are beautiful when in those moments all we feel is vulnerable. When I get a spot in one of Kelly’s classes, it takes a life-altering emergency to get me to miss it. She’s worth every penny, and though I want to collapse when I leave, I feel better than ever before. There is a reason her classes fill up within minutes and students like me continue to get their butts kicked week after week.” -Ashley V.

“Kelly’s energy is contagious. She makes getting your ass kicked fun. Her classes are addicting because she mixes up cardio, strength and dance, and brings the sexy with her style and music selection. She makes her entire class feel like the diva queens we are. Thanks, Kelly, for kicking my 35-year-old butt into shape and making me feel like I got my mojo back!” –Stephanie M.



Colin Batty
Instructor at Flywheel
“You haven’t spun until you have spun with Colin. Anytime I have friends or family visiting Boston, I bring them to one of his classes with me. His energy is incredible, and he makes you want to be as awesome as he is.” -Ashley M.

“Colin always seems happy and passionate about his job. Every class he brings an excitement that radiates throughout the room and motivates you to push yourself just a little harder. He’s by far my favorite instructor at FlyWheel.” -Elena K.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_CLT-Lyn-AddyLyn Addy
Instructor at First Wind Cycling & Fitness
I have never met an instructor as patient and kind as Lyn. She makes everyone in her class feel welcome and accomplished, and her energy always pulls me through those last few pedal strokes and reps at the barre. Charlotte is lucky to have this lady!” -Katie G.







Suzanne Bergen
Instructor at Charlotte Yoga
“Suzanne Bergen came into my life after two back-to-back pregnancies and changed me physically and shaped my mindset. With a strong sense of values and purpose, Suzanne leads the Charlotte Yoga community to be their most authentic self, to practice both giving and receiving, and she teaches us to harness our inner strength. All this in combination with her kick-ass cathartic yoga practice is why Suzanne is my most motivating instructor.” -Erica S.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_MIA-Rebeca-PabonRebeca Pabon
Instructor at Pure Barre
“Rebeca is such an inspiration in class. She always makes sure to learn everyone’s names and is willing to talk before and after class about anything from how my weekend was to expanding my fitness regime. She has a set routine, but keeps the class fun and different by incorporating different moves into the workout. She is such a beautiful person inside and out and keeps me coming back.” -Karlie S.




Mike Verdugo
Owner and Instructor at Bodytek
“Mike is inspiring and motivating in every way, from his enthusiasm in class to the amount of passion he puts into showing his clients he cares outside of the studio. Mike gives his all 100 percent of the time, making us feel not like clients but like family. His music keeps you pumping, and his dance moves make you smile while squatting.” -Trey




New York

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_NYC-Michael-TostoMichael Tosto
Instructor and Owner at TITLE Boxing Club – New York
“After a difficult break-up, I found that Mike’s class not only made me stronger physically, but also empowered me and made me mentally stronger. His motivating words during class push me to not give up when the workout gets tough. It’s a lesson I take with me everyday when real life gets a little tough. He’s attentive and works the room so that everyone feels like they’re important. He makes corrections to technique but is kind and supportive as he does it. He greets everyone with a smile and makes it a point to ask how people are doing and gets to know them. But in class, his goal is to make sure he pushes everyone to be the best version of themselves. In a little less than a year, Mike and the crew at TITLE have really helped me become a stronger, healthier, more confident version of myself.” -Crystal R.

“Michael’s class is, in my opinion, the best boxing class in New York. He is so determined and passionate and encouraging. It’s impossible not to give him everything you have. It’s true what he says: There are no quitters in his class!” -Mimi F.

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_NYC-Robin-ArzonRobin Arzon
Instructor at Peloton Cycle
“Robin is a real-life superwoman, and she kicks my butt every time I take one of her classes! Her energy is infectious. You can tell she’s trying just as hard as everyone else in class yet she still manages to keep a perfect winged eyeliner intact! Robin also is extremely encouraging to her tribe, and invites everyone to run with her before and after class. Plus, her social media posts are just as inspiring.” -Sam E.
“I’m a marshmallow in the real world, but in Robin’s class I’m a badass gangster. She’s a one-of-a-kind instructor (one of the only ones who literally will stop class and yell at you if you leave early—RESPECT!) and oozes confidence and sass with her crazy outfits and mantras. It’s contagious. I work harder in her class than any other spin class.” –Jessica M.


20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_ORLAN-Lisa-SellersLisa Sellers
Instructor at Pure Barre- Dr. Phillips 
“Every single time I take a barre class with Lisa, I leave feeling empowered and ready to do anything. She’s so attentive, pays attention to my form and always has a good attitude. I love taking her class because I walk away feeling stronger – and happier – than I was before I came.” –Katie B. 






Bob Brant
Instructor and Owner at Elevate Yoga Center
“Bob is the BEST. He has helped me so many times with my form, remembers my name and says so many inspiring mantras during class. I walk away feeling stronger and more committed to my practice and have a clearer mind. It’s incredible.” -Ashley D. 




20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_PHIL-Nicole-HinterbergerNicole Hinterberger

Instructor at Flywheel
“Nicole is the most motivating spin instructor I have ever taken. She knows people by name, has killer playlists, and has the best energy in class. It feels like she’s your own personal trainer, even though there are more than 30 people in class. No matter how I am feeling, if I book a class with her I know I will never regret it.” -Jessica S.





20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_PHIL-Sarah-EvanchoSarah Evancho
Instructor at the yoga studio @duross and langel
“Sarah is the best instructor I’ve had in Philadelphia! She gets to know her students and genuinely cares about them. Even though I only go to the studio three times a month, she has gotten to know me, my yoga strengths and my yoga weaknesses. She asks about past conversations we’ve had, checks in on injuries and tight parts of the body, and really plans the class flow based on our needs. You leave every class feeling like it was meant for you and that you are stronger and calmer than when you walked in.” -Sara P.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_RAL-Dusty-JamiesonDusty Jamieson
Instructor at MADabolic Raleigh
“I discovered MADabolic on ClassPass, and I have to admit, I was pretty intimidated. It was my first HIIT class, and I assumed I would be the most clueless person there and not at the same fitness level as everyone else. But I was proven wrong. MADabolic has been one of the most welcoming fitness studios I have ever been to, and Dusty truly makes it a point to get to know his clients. He works to make sure his ‘MADones’ are happy. Dusty and his wife, Alex, (and Lindsay and Lizzy) accommodate their clients every chance they get, from adding more classes during the holiday season to always asking for feedback on how they can improve. Plus, he is motivating and attentive to everyone in each class. I always leave MADabolic feeling more positive and empowered, and strong.” -Kylie P.


Kristina Pugh
Kristina Pugh, Instructor at Blue Lotus, SYNCSTUDIO Durham & Evolve
“Kristina constantly changes up her classes so you never take the same thing twice. She is upbeat and truly cares about her students—she knew my name after the first time we met! Plus, Kristina does the best job making adjustments to get you in the correct posture.” -Lauryn C.


Washington, D.C.

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_WASH-Bailey-RizerBailey Rizer
Instructor at District Pilates
“Bailey is tough, funny, passionate, motivating and just an all-around great person. Her classes are always different and challenging. She really pushes people to get stronger in her classes, and she’s super positive as well.” -Mary B.

“I took my very first reformer Pilates class with Bailey a year ago and am now on the road to becoming an instructor at her studio. Her energy, intensity and positivity are just three of the things that keep me coming back for more. She has found the perfect way to blend traditional reformer Pilates moves with contemporary sculpting and toning moves to make for one killer workout. She is truly a dream, and I cannot recommend her classes enough!” -Rishon R.



Lauren Cederstrom
Instructor at Zengo – Logan Circle
“Lauren has a great energy that makes the class tough and enjoyable. I always bring first-timers to her class to show them how fun cycling can be!” –Nia N.

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