Most Moving Instructors of 2015: Central United States


Congratulations to our Most Moving Instructors in the Central United States. From St. Louis to Nashville, here are the instructors who really make you give your all during and after class:


20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_AUS-Danielle-WhiteDanielle White
Instructor at Tetra Fitness
“Danielle pushes me harder during our workouts than anyone else ever has, and her classes are always so hard. But on the plus side, I always feel great afterward, like I got the best workout!” –Dani H.

“Danielle’s classes offer an innovative, high-intensity workout that focuses on excellent form. But they’re also really fun. It helps that she’s really motivating!” -Alexa S.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_AUS-Alana-WoolfeAlana Woolf
Instructor at RIDE Indoor Cycling
“As a former NCAA athlete and recent Austin transplant, I needed an outlet, and Alana’s class quickly became my safe haven. Whenever I am feeling down or need to clear my head, Alana’s class is the perfect place for me to go. Her energy is unprecedented. I’ve never had an instructor with such intensity and energy—it’s very compelling and contagious. She genuinely cares about making her classes better, and her passion is amazing.” -Katie H.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_CHI-Holly-SwansonHolly Swanson
Instructor at Core Chicago Pilates
“It’s not easy being super cheery for an early-morning workout, but Holly is so motivating and welcoming. I absolutely love her studio and can see that she truly cares about her clients.” –Olivia P.

“Before I met Holly, I had never tried a Pilates class and didn’t think I could. I had gained a ton of weight because of stress and health issues and really felt out of control. Because of her constant support and awesome teaching methods—she pushes me without my realizing it in a fun and friendly class environment—I am well on my way to getting back to my original self and feeling stronger and healthier than I ever was before!” -Ashley I.

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_CHI-Joanna-SilversJoanna Silvers
Instructor at Shred415, Namaskar Yoga and Spring Yoga
“When I first started Joanna’s classes, I was having a ton of back trouble. I’ve always been an active person who’s very comfortable with a lot of workouts, yet for some reason, I kept throwing out my back. Joanna knew exactly how to help. Through various classes and personalized instruction, she managed to fix the issue. I haven’t thrown out my back since! She is incredibly knowledgeable about the body and how to maximize your workout to best fit your needs. Her workouts are tough, but I know I’m working out in a way that is healthy and safe. Plus, she’s hilarious and awesome!” -Annie G.

“I started my fitness journey with Joanna, who is the most welcoming, encouraging and warmest instructor I’ve ever encountered. I’ve followed Joanna to a few different studios now, because I know she’s going to push me to give my all and make me feel like I can do more than I ever thought I could.” -Emily B.


20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_COL-Maria-IannarinoMaria Iannarino
Instructor at Thank Yoga
“‘Be luxurious about it’ is a common phrase you’ll hear in Maria’s class. She has the most beautiful prose when instructing her students. You don’t just move in and out of poses in her class; you are also reminded to enjoy every movement of class. Maria’s teaching style is gentle and encouraging. She loves her room of yogis laughing, and she goes the extra mile to make sure everyone feels welcome. One day, when we came out of savasana, she had placed a stone at the foot of our mats as a token of good energy and karma for us all to take home with us. A free lucky rock from my favorite teacher? I was thrilled.” -Holly B.

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_COL-Emily-JohnsonEmily Johnson
Instructor at Pure Barre
“I took my first barre class with Emily, and she was great! During the entire class, she made sure I was comfortable and answered all my questions. Plus, she is so friendly and upbeat!” -Jordan B.





Dallas/Ft. Worth

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_DALLAS-ElissaElissa Fairchild    
Instructor at Beyond500
“From the moment you walk into the studio, Elissa is welcoming and kind; she treats you like a friend. She’s constantly encouraging us and takes great joy in every participant’s willingness to move and try. She shows a genuine interest in each individual’s fitness journey and takes notice when you achieve your goals.” -Elizabeth P.

“Her energy is infectious. She name drops you at just the right time to keep your pace up or help you power through just one more rep. Her playlists are unmatched. She’s always on and always gives everyone a genuine smile and greeting when they walk into class. She’s just the best.” –Christina S.

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_DALLAS-Jasmine-ZJasmine Zutter
Instructor at The Ride House
“Jasmine is just all-around amazing. She gets to know her students on a personal level, and the way she speaks to the class makes us feel like we are all part of one group. Her music is always top notch, and she constantly makes me laugh and smile throughout her grueling workout. Jasmine’s a real, down-to-earth girl who I can completely relate to—and she kicks my ass every time!”-Karli J.

“Jasmine is the bee’s knees. She keeps the energy high and the music fun in a spin class that leaves you breathless. I leave her classes feeling exhausted and challenged and happy about it! She knows how to push and motivate riders to make the class worthwhile. She is without a doubt my favorite instructor in Dallas!” -Lesley B.


20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_DEN-Allison-GeggAlison Gegg
Instructor at Pilates Vita – Cherry Hills
“I had never tried Pilates before, and Alison made my first visit a wonderful experience. She strives to get the most out of every session and does a great job making adjustments and corrections that pop up in class. My friends and I have scheduled many classes with her specifically because she is inspiring and knowledgeable. Her personality and motivation keep me coming back. I have been to more than 80 classes this year, and she is by far my favorite instructor to see in the Denver area.” -Hannah M.

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_DEN-Lara-ChamberlinLara Chamberlain
Instructor at Torch Pilates Plus
“Lara is my favorite instructor on ClassPass. She pushes you without making you strain yourself. I always get a great ab workout with her, which is my primary focus spot when working out. The studio is cute, clean and right downtown. Lara is also so personable and accommodating to everyone’s needs and injuries. Her dancer’s body definitely motivates you as well!” -Ashlyn T.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_HOU-Jen-WerthJen Werth
Instructor at DEFINE – Tanglewood
“Jen is such a breath of fresh (or sweaty!) air. I used to hate spinning, but somehow, she got me to love it. Now this is the class I look forward to every Monday. She was so helpful on my first day and made sure we were all comfortable during class. She continuously encourages us throughout the workouts and pumps us up with her non-stop energy. Her attitude is contagious!” -Caren C.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_HOU-Chris-BoykinsChris Boykins
Instructor at Glory Fitness
“Chris is always upbeat and motivating, no matter what else is going on that day. Between his music selections, energy and great class options, it’s his gym that I look forward to the most. He is genuinely great at what he does.” -Kelsey G.





Kansas City

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_KC-Mariana-EasthamMariana Eastham
Instructor at Core Energy Yoga and Fit Formula
“Mariana is one of the most patient, kind, loving souls I’ve ever met. I always feel so much love and gratitude after taking one of her classes. She has taught how to love myself and be grateful for the simplest of things. It is largely due to her that I’ve been able to change my stubbornness and my temper and begin to live a happier, fuller and more purposeful life. She is arguably the most inspiring yogi I’ve ever met.” -Kaitlyn B.


20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_KC-Sarah-BuchananSarah Buchanan
Instructor at Mojo Cycling Studio
“Sarah is my favorite instructor of all the classes I attend. Her attitude is infectious, and she has a way of making sure you put everything behind you when you walk into her class. You can tell she loves her job and making people feel amazing. She’s the true VIP of Mojo!” -Annica R.





Minneapolis/St. Paul

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_MINN-Kelsey-SuardiniKelsey Suardini
Instructor at Pilates Proworks and Modo Yoga
“Kelsey consistently teaches good form. She is motivating and provides a strong and challenging class, while providing modifications. Sometimes when I take a similar class and Kelsey isn’t teaching it, I feel like I didn’t get as good as a workout or after burn. She really is wonderful at what she does and you can tell she is dedicated and devoted.” -Victoria P.



20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_MINN-Zion-AndersonZion Anderson
Instructor at Surge Cycling
“Zion is absolutely amazing! Her classes are no joke, but she is super motivating and her energy is contagious! I look forward to it each week.” -Katie B.







20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_NASH-BrandiBrandi Binkley
Instructor at physiofit
“Brandi is so wonderful, supportive, inspirational and educated. She really knows how to make her class feel at home and comfortable.” -Laura N.








20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_NASH-Kate-MooreKate Moore
Instructor at GetFit615
“Kate is encouraging and always has a smile on her face. She puts in the extra effort to get Nashville fit and is building a stronger, fitter community. She also tries to get people involved outside of the studio.” -Tina H.




St. Louis

20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_STLOU-Patti-EisemanPatti Eiseman
Instructor at The Dailey Method
“Patti is always upbeat and cheers us on throughout class. I love how she supports us and calls us out by our individual names, which is impressive. She has a great playlist of music and keeps the workouts fresh but challenging.” -Mikkel M.






20160104_We-Asked,-You-Voted---The-Instructors-Who-Made-You-Move-in-2015_STLOU-Julie-FunkeJulie Funke
Instructor at Stl Spinning and Sanctuary Yoga
“Whether it’s spin or yoga, I know every time I go to one of Julie’s classes, I’ll get a great workout. She clearly cares about and loves what she does, and manages to motivate the completely sold-out classes she teaches every day. Even on days when I walk into class thinking I’m just going to do the minimum to get by, she somehow gets me to another level.” -Alison H.

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