Meet the Most Moving Instructors of 2015 in Your City!

Discovering new classes and workouts may be beneficial for your body, but a studio’s staff can do wonders for your attitude. When you feel like you can’t push through another set of burpees or hold another plank, it’s often the motivating words of your instructor that makes you try a little harder.

We asked you to tell us about the instructors who made you move in 2015, and you had so many positive, inspiring comments about the men and women who made you want to come back to class again and again. Across 36 cities and four countries, we’re excited to announce the Most Moving Instructors of 2015.

Even if your favorite instructor didn’t make the list this time around, be sure to thank them this month for the difference they’ve made in your healthy lifestyle:

East Coast Instructors 

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Alex Martinez, Instructor at Torq Cycle
Lindsay Bond, Instructor at The Training Room


Jason Williams, Instructor at Maryland Athletic Club, Wellbridge, M.Power Yoga
Kate Rowe, Instructor at Beachfit


Kelly Brabant, Instructor at BFX Studios and The Club By George Foreman III
Colin Batty, Instructor at Flywheel


Lyn Addy, Instructor at First Wind Cycling & Fitness
Suzanne Bergen, Instructor at Charlotte Yoga


Rebeca Pabon, Instructor at Pure Barre
Mike Verdugo, Owner and Instructor at Bodytek

New York

Michael Tosto, Instructor and Owner at TITLE Boxing Club – New York
Robin Arzon, Instructor at Peloton Cycle


Lisa Sellers, Instructor at Pure Barre – Dr. Phillips 
Bob Brant, Owner and Instructor at Elevate Yoga Center


Sarah Evancho, Instructor at the yoga studio @duross and langel
Nicole Hinterberger, Instructor at Flywheel


Dusty Jamieson, Instructor at MADabolic Raleigh
Kristina Pugh, Instructor at Blue Lotus, SYNCSTUDIO Durham & Evolve

Washington, D.C.

Bailey Rizer, Instructor at District Pilates
Lauren Cederstrom, Instructor at Zengo – Logan Circle

West Coast Instructors

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Las Vegas

Sammie Mack, Instructor at Core Studios, Sweat Squared and TruFusion
Lauren O’Nan, Instructor at Pure Barre Las Vegas

Los Angeles/Orange County 

Colin Kim, Instructor at Dragonfly Cycling and Crunch Sunset
Arielle McFadden, Instructor at Hot Pilates, 30fifteen and Rise Movement


Jules Spitzer, Instructor at Modify Yoga Studio
Nikki Metzger, Instructor at Bodi


Jessica Natonick, Instructor at Xtend Barre
Whitney Hull-Benson, Instructor at Firebrand Sports


Adam Attia, Instructor at Fitness Rangers
Cori Martinez, Instructor at Asha Yoga

San Diego

Brittanee Greenhaw, Instructor at Yoga Tropics
Paul Fishman, Instructor at SparkCycle

San Francisco

Gabby G., Instructor at Mint Studios
Taylor Jenkins, Owner and Instructor at Taylor Fit


SarahRose Bernhardt, Instructor at Barre3 – Capitol Hill
Susan Slater-Cotter, Owner and Instructor at The Strength Studio and Community Fitness

Central United States Instructors

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Danielle White, Instructor at Tetra Fitness
Alana Woolf, Instructor at RIDE Indoor Cycling


Holly Swanson, Instructor at Core Chicago Pilates
Joanna Silvers, Instructor at Shred415, Namaskar Yoga and Spring Yoga


Maria Iannarino, Instructor at Thank Yoga
Emily Johnson, Instructor at Pure Barre

Dallas/Ft. Worth

Elissa Fairchild, Instructor at Beyond50
Jasmine Zutter, Instructor at The Ride House


Alison Gegg, Instructor at Pilates Vita – Cherry Hills
Lara Chamberlain, Instructor at Torch Pilates Plus


Jen Werth, Instructor at DEFINE – Tanglewood
Chris Boykins, Instructor at Glory Fitness

Kansas City

Mariana Eastham, Instructor at Core Energy Yoga and Fit Formula
Sarah Buchanan, Instructor at Mojo Cycling Studio

Minnepolis/St. Paul

Kelsey Suardini, Instructor at Pilates Proworks and Modo Yoga
Zion Anderson, Instructor at Surge Cycling


Brandi Binkley, Instructor at physiofit
Kate Moore, Instructor at GetFit615

St. Louis

Patti Eiseman, Instructor at The Dailey Method
Julie Funke, Instructor at Stl Spinning and Sanctuary Yoga

International Instructors

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Rob Smyth, Instructor at F45 Training London Bridge
Gaby Noble, Instructor at Exhale Pilates London


Steph Prem, Instructor Studio PP
Pam Meyerowitz, Instructor at SpinStar


David Darvill, Instructor at Fit1
Deanne Berry, Instructor at MPower Pilates Bondi Beach


Paulina Witkowski, Instructor at BarreWorks
Garfield Watson, Instructor at Track Fitness and Ferris 360


Jennifer Mok, Instructor at Urban Fitness Burnaby
Lucy Ulmer, Instructor at Spin Society

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