The Best Headbands For Working Out in Cold Weather

The winter weather is rolling in, which means your outdoor run just got a bit chillier. You’ve got your warm running jacket, winter socks and insulated leggings ready to go, but you’ve forgot one very important part of your body: your ears.

To keep them warm and cozy (and to prevent pesky flyaways), we’ve rounded up the best winter headbands for your outdoor run.

To protect you from the sun
Fun fact: You can still get sunburnt during the winter. This UV headband from Sundog protects your ears from the sun and keeps sweat out of your face, all while keeping your ears warm. Talk about killing three birds with one stone.
Buy Now: UV Headband, $15,

To up your updo
This braided headband adds flair to your updo while keeping you sweat-free. Plus, it comes in a six pack, so you can mix and match.
Buy Now: Graphic Headband, $15,

For your toughest workouts
The lining keeps the band in place no matter how much you’re moving, from cross training to hardcore cardio.
Buy Now: Lululemon Cardio Crosstrainer Headband, $14,

For inversions indoors and outdoors
No matter where your practice takes you, this yoga headband stays in place like a pro yogi in tree pose.
Buy Now: Prana Organic Headband, $10,

For warmth and versatility
This reversible moisture wicking headband is extra warm. Flip it to the band’s brighter color for added visibility during your nightly run.
Buy Now: Brooks Running Greenlight Headband, $20,

For a stylish way to keep warm
We’d expect nothing less than something chic from Carrie Underwood’s athletic line, and this super cute cold weather headband doesn’t disappoint!
Buy Now: CALIA Cold Weather Headband, $12,

For extra flair
A headband that comes in a dozen fun colors and patterns, made out of spandex and built to stay in place.
Buy Now: Spandex Yoga Headband, $10-$20,

For badass sweat protection
A tie on headband that will make you feel like a bonafide ninja. And since ninjas don’t do flyaways, you can bet this headband eliminates the problem.
Buy Now: Rouge Junk Headband, $16,

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