Here’s What Happened When… I Conquered the FUBAR

When I first saw the class “FUBAR (Effed Up Beyond All Recognition)” on ClassPass, I was intrigued. But not in the I-want-to-try-this way, but in the way I’m intrigued by a half-marathon. It’s awesome in theory, but not something for me to sign up for. 

The FUBAR screamed pain and soreness, not something I was eager to reserve a spot for. After I tried unsuccessfully to find anyone who had tried it, a friend challenged me to sign up. Once I accepted the challenge, it took me two weeks to finally get the guts to register.

Immediately after signing up for the class, I tried to find ways I could cut corners to avoid the soreness that a hard class would inevitably cause: I would get a spot in the back, take breaks when I wanted and not go full out. While knowing your body and taking breaks when you need them are important, in this case I was mentally preparing myself not to give 100 percent.

Really, I just didn’t think I could give 100 percent.

The class took place on a VersaClimber, a cross between a Stair Master and rock climbing wall — a full-body workout to say the least. The workout was made up of five-minute sections of Tabata-style work — for example, alternating between 30 seconds of intense effort and 30 seconds of rest. The first set was about establishing our limits by giving maximum effort and then seeing how many reps we could get on the VersaClimber.

That number was then written on a white board at the front of class. Yikes.

Once realizing I was going to be accountable for my effort, I started working much harder than I had planned.  It felt like I was competing against myself, which ended up being my inspiration to push harder. When the class was over I was invigorated. It was the best I felt after a class in a long time. I had been coasting through classes, and I forgot how good setting goals and working hard to reach them made me feel. 

In the end, the class was a wake-up call. I had been hiding in the back row and not giving 100 percent in too many workouts. It felt like a victory to beat my scores from the beginning of class. If I had let myself be intimidated by the class, I would have never had the opportunity to remember what it was like to achieve something in an athletic way. The next day, I wore my soreness like a badge of honor, shining brightly walking up and down stairs. The VersaClimber got me out of my comfort zone, and I am so excited to see what comes next.  

Half-marathon, here I come!

Lauren Hoffman is a ClassPass Ambassador and a work out enthusiast who has both worked in the fitness industry and exercised her entire life. She’s tried everything from at home DVD programs to hillside yoga. Since finding and falling in love with ClassPass she has made it her mission to explore and report on the plethora of different classes offered through the site.