Meet Your Instructors Running the NYC Marathon!

At ClassPass, our instructors not only kick butt and encourage us to sweat our hardest in class, they also run marathons! From first-timers to veterans who have completed several marathons, check out these inspiring teachers who will log 26.2 miles before you wake up on Sunday. (After you give them some time to recover, don’t forget to sign up for one of their classes.)

Will Jackson from WRKNYC
On why he’s running: “Marathons are tough but doable. My first approach was that it’s only a workout. But now it’s more of an opportunity to try and do a little better each and every time. I do it for the people who say they can’t. I always reply with, ‘why not?'”
On how he keeps himself motivated: “Completing the various distances during the training runs and races kind of gives you an idea of how to pace yourself. There’s a lot of one-on-one conversations going on with the long runs as well. Then, when that familiar song comes on, it always helps with keeping the momentum.”

Kelvin Gary from Body Space Fitness
On his favorite moment from training:Realizing that running wasn’t as bad as thought. That and finally being able to get through my backlog of podcasts during my training runs.”
On how he keeps himself motivated during training: “One step at a time. I try to remember what I tell my clients about breaking big goals into smaller goals. Plus, I really want one of those foil blankets they give you at the end of the race.”
On what he’s eating after crossing the finish line: “Hopefully a very large home-cooked traditional Turkish meal provided by my clients (Ayse and Defne, I’m talking to you!). If not, I’ll most likely go to Bareburger and chow down on the whole right side of the menu.”

Lexie Tompkins from Swerve
On why she’s running: “I am running because I can. So many people are limited by physical or mental impediments, and I am lucky enough to be alive and kicking.”
On what’s on her playlist:I am all about ‘Roots’ by Imagine Dragons, but nothing beats some good ol’ 80’s rock.”
On how to get through marathon training: “When one step more feels like too many, just think about how far you’ve come.”
On what she’s eating after crossing the finish line: “I am going to Mario Batali’s pizza place Otto in Greenwich Village. Nothing like loading up on carbs after a long run.”

Stephanie Spangler from Crank
On why she’s running: “I’m running because I love to run! The NYC marathon is such a special event, and I’m proud to be part of team Shoe 4 Africa, a charity that’s grown right before my eyes. The founder is my former college cross-country coach, Toby Tanser. What started as a project of collecting running shoes to give to those without in Kenya has become an organization that does some pretty amazing things for East Africa’s people, like teaching peace resolution, AIDS awareness, and women’s empowerment.”
On her favorite moment from training: “Every year brings something new. This year, while on a 20-mile run, I messed up my route and ended up running 23.8 miles in the pouring rain. But I found $20 on this ‘mistake’ of a route.”
On how she cross-trained: “There isn’t just one! As a cycling instructor and personal trainer, I like to mix it up. Spinning helps with the cardio aspect, yoga (I love hot vinyasa) helps to keep me loose and focused, and weight training and kettlebells help increase my speed and power during those tough interval runs.”

Katie Schrier from Barre3 Atlanta
On why she’s running:At barre3, we have selected Every Mother Counts as our charity of choice because we believe every mother, everywhere, deserves the chance to have a healthy pregnancy and safe childbirth. As the owner of barre3 South Buckhead, I want to show my team that when we rally around a cause and ask our client community to do the same, that I will step up to the plate and dedicate my time, energy and resources to helping the cause thrive in their mission. Plus – It has always been on my bucket list to complete a marathon. It is a true honor to be running the NYC Marathon as my first.
On her favorite moment from training: “The first time I completed 20 miles. I was very emotional. I did not grow up as an athlete, so I am incredibly proud to be at this position athletically at the age of 40. It has been a powerful lesson for me that it is never too late to be what we might have been.”
On what she’s eating after she crosses the finish line:I have my heart set on a doughnut. I mean, if you are going to have a doughnut, then do it in New York, right?!”

Lindsay Tigar is the editorial director for ClassPass in New York. She’s an aspiring boxer, wannabe yogi and lover of cardio dance (though she has no rhythm). She loves traveling, handwritten cards, live music and good vibes. She believes in a healthy balance of veggies and champagne, and can usually be found exploring the city with her cute pup, Lucy.