ClassPass Employees Share How They Trained for the NYC Marathon

At ClassPass, we not only work together – but we train together! From taking bootcamps at lunch to office runs, one of the biggest perks of being a ClassPass employee is being surrounded by like-minded fitness enthusiasts. This weekend, we’re cheering for these inspiring runners who will log 26.2 miles before most of us wake up on Sunday. Go, Team ClassPass, go! 



Liz Migliaccio, Operations Assistant 

On why she’s running: “I am running because I love running races. This is my third marathon and 15th race this year. I’m trying to qualify for Boston, so training has been a little extra difficult. I am pretty much obsessed with running. I love it!” 

On what mile she is looking forward to: “I usually have a rough time with mile 19—it’s when you realize that you are almost done but you still have seven more miles! I am looking forward to mile 22. That’s my favorite number and when I tend to hit my second wind!”

On how she keeps herself motivated while training: “The sense of accomplishment after you finish becomes addicting, as does creating new and exciting routes that take you all over the city (or other places I may be visiting). I become an explorer when running, and I see more amazing things and amazing places that I would not see if I weren’t running 20 miles around Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan.”

On what studios made a difference: “New Love City: This studio is the perfect place to do yoga. The yoga is challenging yet peaceful, and the people are filled with love, making it the perfect place to hang out. I would go here when I wanted to get out of my training and wanted to be around people who loved life, yoga and good times. They also have yoga dance, which fills you with so much adrenaline and good vibes that afterwards, I felt I could run a marathon twice over! The classes at Tangerine Hot Power Yoga are challenging. Because of the heat, I could really get a good stretch in after some big runs. I go here about two times a week, if not more.”



Carolyn Lai, Director of Partner Success 

On why she’s running: “My good friend Rhea is suffering traumatic brain damage from a tragic head-on collision car accident with a drunk driver back in February. She was in a coma for two months and is now learning how to eat, walk, talk, sing, laugh and dance all over again. Her progress has exceeded everyone’s expectations but she still has a long road of recovery ahead of her, much longer than the 26 miles I’ll be running in her name.”

On what’s on her playlist: “Kanye, Outkast, Wiz Khalifa, Run the Jewels, Soulwax, Girl Talk (to name a few) have been huge in motivating me to keep running. I also think about my buddy Rhea and her determination to learn to walk again. I visited her in California back in May, and she made it all the way across the hospital hallway with her physical therapist and climbed up a small flight of stairs for the first time since her accident!”

On what she’s eating after she crosses the finish line: “A giant burger, fries and a Bloody Mary.”

On what classes made a difference: “Mile High Run Club: Their outdoor adventure run was a great way to get out to the East River track for intervals and speed work. It was a great way to meet other runners, too. We would do 400M and 800M sprints, and it was by far the hardest and strongest I’ve run in many years (probably since my high school track days). Y7 Studio: I loved taking their Monday evening class after my training runs over the weekend. The heated class allows me to be more flexible to get a good stretch, while their awesome music inspires me to add songs to my running playlists. Plus, the instructors always put me in a good mood.”



Danielle Cooperhouse, Director of Community 

On her favorite moment from training: “I’ve been dragging my husband on my long runs for company and support throughout the training season. On our one-year wedding anniversary, we ran over the George Washington Bridge and had a great 18-mile run together!”

On how she keeps herself motivated during training: “During my long runs, I try to remind myself that the pain is only temporary and that I’m so lucky to be able to do something physical, like running a marathon. Before ClassPass, I worked at The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and heard so many stories of people who weren’t even able to walk from their bed to the bathroom. So I use those stories as inspiration to keep on running.”

On what mile she’s most looking forward to: “My husband, brother, parents, in-laws, aunt and friends will all be out there cheering for me and the other runners. I’m most looking forward to seeing them on the course on 5th Avenue. I’ll likely be hurting at that point, so seeing them will re-energize me and push me through the final miles.”

On what studio made the difference during training: “UpliftUplift’s classes were a great part of my NYC Marathon training plan.  The classes were the perfect way to get in my strength training and really helped with my overall fitness. Also, their instructors are so helpful and were able to modify exercises if I was tired or sore from my long runs the day before.”



Lindsay Bradley, Partnerships Associate 

On why she’s running: “Running a marathon has always been on my bucket list, and when I found out that Race to Stop MS has a team, I decided that now is the time to do it. I know a couple of women around my age (24-30) who have recently been diagnosed with MS, so it seemed like a great time to run the marathon for a cause close to my heart.”

On how she stays motivated during training: “The first thing that keeps me running is my commitment to my Race to Stop MS team. I also keep myself motivated by running different routes and listening to fun music.”

On what’s on her playlist: “So much music! ‘Hold My Hand’ by Jess Glynne helps me pick up the pace and ‘Love Generation’ by Bob Sinclair & Gary Pine doesn’t necessarily help me run faster but certainly helps me get through those tough mental moments.”

On what classes made a difference: “Mile High Run Club: Talking to and training with coaches helped me tune back into training. Also, after logging so many solo miles alone, they made it fun to run again! YoGanesh: Sometimes it’s hard to make time to recover after setting aside so much time for long runs. YoGanesh’s 30-minute lunch express classes helped me stretch and refocus my energy. SurfSet: This is just a great way to shake up your workout routine and make exercise fun again. I love to run, but it can get a little boring sometimes, and SurfSet is the opposite of boring.”

Shari Castelli, Partner Success Manager, New York Lead

On why she’s running: “This will be my third year in a row running the NYC marathon. It’s the most magical day of the year in the city. I really can’t imagine not participating. You get to do something that only 0.1 of 1% of people accomplish in their lives, all in front of 1 million screaming fans! Last year, I witnessed a marriage proposal in Brooklyn, had an announcer call me beautiful over a loudspeaker in Queens, heard a group of strangers chant my name in unison in Manhattan, and ran with the most inspiring disabled athletes through the Bronx — all in one day! And while the actual run is by far the hardest physical challenge I’ve ever faced, the exhausted, euphoric feeling of crossing the finish line is more than worth it.”

On how she keeps herself motivated during training: “Long runs are truly a metaphor for life. After running dozens and dozens of races, I know that I’ll go through many ups and downs along the way. There are moments when I feel invincible and times when I literally don’t think I can take another step (but have so many miles to go!). The most important thing you can do is just keep moving. Once you’re able to push through the really rough patches a few times, you start getting gritty, and that’s when you become unstoppable.”

On why you should run a marathon: “Your body can truly do anything; it’s your mind you have to convince.”

On what studios made a difference: Mile High Run Club: MHRC classes are truly designed to make you a faster and more efficient runner, not just to burn calories. Coach Michael is one of my favorites. He does a race simulation in every class, which helps you get in the right mindset for when you’re off the treadmill and on the course. Trooper Fitness: I didn’t want to lose my hard-earned muscle while training, and Trooper’s Strength Camp class is no joke. Co-founders Prince and Jen will push you far past your perceived limits. You (and your sore muscles!) will be reminded of how powerful you really are for days afterwards. (Look out for their brand-new studio location, opening later this month!) GRIND: I can’t get enough of GRINDing through these 30-minute workouts. It’s nothing fancy —  just you, some equipment and the programmed workout. Before you know it, class is over and you’ve gotten in a killer conditioning session that perfectly combines cardio and strength.”



Margaux Waldbaum, Customer Experience Associate 

On her favorite moment from training: “The first time I ran more than 13.1 miles — I thought that was the most I could ever run. Then I surpassed that mile and hit 18 miles. I surprised myself! It was a great feeling.”

On what mile she’s most looking forward to: “This may sound corny, but I am genuinely looking forward to all 26.2 of them. I know I will be tired at points and my feet will hurt, but I’m excited to take it all in. Running through all five boroughs with crowds cheering every step of the way is both terrifying and overwhelmingly exciting.”

On how she keeps herself motivated during training: “I try to focus on the ultimate goal and not get hung up on the small stuff. If I have a tough mile, or I need to slow down and take a break, I don’t let it get to me. I take the break, get my head back in the game, and continue on my way.”

On what studios made a different during training: “Mile High Run Club: A great way to keep up with my running and feel part of a running community. End Game Training: It’s a great studio for strength training and varying up my workouts. Y7 is great for keeping my head in the game and getting a good stretch and a good sweat.”



Julie Chan, Acquisition Marketing Manager

On why she’s running: “A few years ago, my dad had a heart attack and needed to make some big lifestyle changes, including having a healthier diet and being more active. I wanted him to know he wasn’t alone in facing this challenge, so I made it my personal goal to do the same. To help motivate myself, I signed up for several 5Ks and 10Ks. I immediately became hooked on the mental and physical benefits of running, and have since run four half-marathons. I’m running the 2015 NYC Marathon for my dad and my family.”

On her favorite moment from training: “One day, I set out to run 10 miles, but hit a wall at mile 6. I was disappointed in myself temporarily, but used this setback to fuel my determination to train harder. It was a turning point in my training schedule.”

On why you should run a marathon: “Don’t ever think you can’t — your body can do amazing things!”

Lindsay Tigar is the editorial director for ClassPass in New York. She’s an aspiring boxer, wannabe yogi and lover of cardio dance (though she has no rhythm). She loves traveling, handwritten cards, live music and good vibes. She believes in a healthy balance of veggies and champagne, and can usually be found exploring the city with her cute pup, Lucy.