They Did It! Find Out How the ClassPass Runner Team Did in SF!

Some were experienced runners, while others were completely new to pounding the pavement – but guess what? Last Sunday, they all crossed the finish line (along with some ClassPass employees.)  

For 12 weeks, our runners incorporated ClassPass classes to build strength and become better runners leading up to race day. So what was it like? Read more about what each #ClassPassRunner thought about her experience (along with studio recommendations):

Jane from Austin, TX
Although Jane thought the half-marathon training was difficult, by incorporating yoga and Pilates into her routine, she was able to build strength to finish the race. Go Jane, go! Her favorite cross-training class was at CorePower Yoga.  Read Jane’s full race recap here! And make sure to follow Jane’s blog A Taste of Koko, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Kristen from New York, NY
This race was not only Kristen’s first half-marathon… but her first race ever. She said that while it was the hardest physical experience of her life thus far, she’s proud of challenging herself in a way she never thought she would. Kristen’s favorite studio during training was Yogamaya New York because she found that attending yoga consistently helped her feel better during her training runs. Make sure to follow Kristen’s blog Kristen Glam, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.  (And psst: watch her recap video here.)

Jackelyn from San Francisco, CA
When Jackelyn crossed the training start line, she was still skeptical. Could she really love running a half-marathon? During the race, she thought back on her favorite moments from those long races and connecting with running bloggers, and kept going. Once she crossed that finish line? She was amazed by how much she loved it. Jackelyn’s favorite cross-training class was Flywheel. Read Jackelyn’s full race recap here, and follow Jackelyn’s blog Jackelyn Ho, Twitter, Instagram and on Spright.

Sarah from Boston
Sarah knew that running a half marathon at 28 weeks pregnant wouldn’t be easy but she knew it would also help her stay on track with being fit during her pregnancy. Now, she’ll be able to tell her child that they (kind of) ran a half-marathon before they were born! Sarah’s favorite cross-training class was at Btone. Read Sarah’s full race recap here, and follow Sarah’s blog SarahFit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Channel.

Anne from Washington, D.C.
Anne is no beginner! This was Anne’s 15th half marathon and knowing the terrain, she set out to have fun and that she did. She was having so much fun that she had an endorphin kick at the notorious mile 10 – that’s completely uphill. Somehow, she managed to run the entire way- wow! Anne’s favorite studio to have a fun – but legit – workout was Urban Athletic Club. Read Anne’s full race recap here, and follow Anne’s blog FAnnetastic Food, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Emily from Seattle, WA
Besides the San Fran weekend itself, Emily’s favorite part of the experience was trying out new Nike gear and also becoming a stronger runner with all of the classes she was taking. Emily is on her way to hitting her 100th class and is looking forward to many more. Her favorite class for cross-training was Flybarre to work those stability muscles that runners so often neglect. Read her full race recap here, and follow Emily’s blog Daily Garnish, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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Jessica Miller is a ClassPass City Launch Specialist for ClassPass. She is a fitness junkie who loves running, cycling, barre, yoga, boot camps-you name it!