5 Amazing Halloween Costumes You Can Make With Athletic Wear

Whether you just look so darn good in your fitness gear that you want to find a way to rock it on Halloween, or you’ve run out of time to put something together and need a Halloween outfit STAT, we’ve got you covered. Here are five Halloween costumes you can make using the fitness wear that you’ve likely got lying around in your drawers. Happy haunting!

Beyonce 7 11

If you’ve got one day out of the whole year that you can be anything you want to be, why wouldn’t you be Beyonce? Particularly, queen Bey a la her 7 11 video, where she sports a super comfy Kale sweatshirt, knee pads and not much else.

Get the look:
Kale Sweatshirt, $20
Nike Knee Pads, $20
Black Dance Shorts, $15


Channel your inner “maniac” and don your best 80’s legwarmers to pull off Jennifer Beal’s look in Flashdance. Bonus points if you find a chair to dance on at the Halloween party you’re headed to.

Get the look:
Black Leotard, $19
One Shoulder Grey Sweatshirt, $12
Black Leg Warmers, Sock Dreams, $10

Rhonda Rousey

You work out like a champion, so why not dress like one this Halloween? Those boxing gloves from your kickboxing class will make great props, and you likely already own a boxer-esque hoodie!

Get the look:
Training Gloves, $50
Boxing Shorts, $25
Knockout Sports Bra, $50
Oversized Black Zip Up Hoodie, $30

Fitness Barbie

Let’s be real: Fitness Barbie was the most fun to play with, since she was always on the move! Break out the best of your pink workout gear to make this look come alive.

Get the look:
Barbie Leotard or a Pink Leotard, $6
Black Leggings (worn underneath), $18c
Pink Leg Warmers and Headband, $13

Richard Simmons

Spend the night cheering everyone on with Richard Simmons’ lines of encouragement — “If you believe it, you can achieve it!” If you’ve got a tank top and striped shorts lying around, you really can achieve this look.

Get the look:
Red and White Striped Shorts, $30
Red Workout Tank Top, $7
Men’s White Tube Socks, $15
Red Sweatband, $3
Wig, $6

Danielle Page is the founder of ThisisQuarterlife.com, a blog that provides necessary information for navigating the awkward phase of adulthood known as “quarterlife.” Danielle’s work has been featured on Cosmo, Woman’s Day, Your Tango, Bustle, The New York Times, Thought Catalog, Elite Daily and the Huffington Post.