Get Ready SF! These 7 ClassPass Employees Are Running Nike Women’s Half-Marathon!

At ClassPass, we not only work together, but work out together – nearly every single day. Oftentimes if there’s a new class we’re interested in – but maybe are a little hesitant to give it a go – it’s easy to grab a co-worker who will encourage you to try. But when Nike asked if we were up for the challenge of training for the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon together? Yes, please! 

From running newbies to experienced runners, see how our employees are getting amped for the big day – less than a month from now!

Danielle grew up with parents who enjoyed running, but as a kid, she couldn’t quite understand the appeal.  She even tried running a 5K around the age of 13 to see if she could like it but decided running wasn’t for her and put her sneakers in the back of her closet. Fast forward some years and she’s back to running (and loving it)! Danielle has completed three half-marathons, and is looking forward to running the hills of San Francisco to prepare her for the five boroughs of New York City a few weeks later. When she’s not training, she helps plans events for ClassPass across the country.

Alex is the head of marketing at ClassPass. After not being able to run around the block without feeling winded, he picked up running 10 years ago and has never looked back. He proudly has 10 half marathons under his belt and many more to come. He has completed big races in San Francisco, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Portland, Bahamas, Vancouver BC and even Disneyland. His favorite post-run treat? Lemonade, of course!

Cara is the social media manager at ClassPass. Since she’s never ran more than a 5K, Cara is the token “newbie” runner of the ClassPass gang. When the opportunity to run in the Nike Women’s Half came about she saw it as a sign. ‘Run a half-marathon’ is on her bucket list, after all. Cara is not a huge runner but is fiercely committed to the training schedule she has in place. With a healthy balance of classes and running outdoors, this running rookie hopes to finish the race under three hours. In true social media manager fashion, you can follow Cara’s running, class, and life adventures on Twitter and Instagram.

Ashley K.
Ashley grew up loving the water. She was a competitive swimmer from age seven through a Division 1 team in college. After she graduated though, she still yearned to connect with teammates, set goals and let’s be honest, continue to eat like an athlete! So she traded her goggles for sneakers, and began training for her first marathon. The rest is history. She fell in love with running on the lakefront path in Chicago, and has since run three marathons and countless other road races. While she loves to run solo, she’d much rather have “happy hour runs” with girlfriends. Since moving to New York City this past summer and working as the events director for ClassPass, she’s still looking for running partners, new paths and races to keep her running pulse alive.

Tatiana uses running as a way to explore new destinations and places – from Patagonia and Santorini, to the streets of Brooklyn with her dog, Duck. So far, she has one Ragnar race, nine half-marathons and two marathons under her belt (and is training for a third!). While she’s mostly collected amazing experiences and memories, she has also amassed a collection unattractive race photos that she’ll happily share if you need a good laugh. Her job as senior copywriter at ClassPass is similar to running: lots of long hours wrapped up in your own thinking and plenty of moments of just hitting the wall. But the end result? Well, for her, it’s always worth it.

Ashley L.
Ashley was a high school and college athlete who always associated running with punishment for being late to practice. Her idea of an enjoyable run entailed lip syncing to teen pop music and didn’t include anything above five miles. Needless to say, completing a half marathon was never on her bucket list. But, excited by the idea of a new challenge and the enthusiasm of her ClassPass teammates, she decided to embark on the journey to the Nike Women’s Half Marathon in San Francisco. While the struggle to get in her daily runs is real, with the help of the Nike+ training program (which she follows religiously), she’s started to really enjoy this new running lifestyle. She recently made it through her first 10-miler and finally feels ready to ROCK SF.

Jess used to hate running so much that she quit high school track only after two weeks. However, after going to college in Boston, she was inspired to add Boston Marathon to her bucket list. Then she caught the marathon bug, running a total of five marathons (including two Boston marathons!). Jess documented her fitness adventures on her blog, Little Miss Runshine, and soon realized fitness was her true passion. She quit her job as a professional HVAC engineer to become the Community Engagement Manager at ClassPass. ClassPass has helped her regain her strength from her hip overuse injury from Boston 2012. The Nike Women’s half marathon will be her first distance race back in the running game, and hopefully not the last. Follow Jess on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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Jessica Miller is a ClassPass City Launch Specialist for ClassPass. She is a fitness junkie who loves running, cycling, barre, yoga, boot camps-you name it!