Get Inspired By These 6 Runners Training For the Nike Half-Marathon in SF!

Has running a mile always felt a little scary? Or, does your current running schedule make you think you don’t have time for extra classes? From novices to veterans, ClassPass can help anyone can incorporate running into their fitness routine…and more importantly, enjoy it. From yoga (stretch out those tired muscles) to HIIT (tone up that core and strengthen those legs) to dance cardio (get your heart rate up and build endurance), there’s a class for whatever you need a little help with.

To prove it, we’ve challenged a few bloggers with various levels of running experience to use ClassPass to train for the Nike Women’s Half-Marathon in San Francisco on October 18, 2015. (Psst: if you want to run this race in SF, we’re holding a pretty awesome raffle, enter now!)

To ensure the bloggers have the proper training, Blue Benadum, Nike Master Run Coach, is curating the perfect 12-week training program specially tailored to each blogger’s experience and ability.

Here’s how they’re getting ready for race day:

While Jane really loves to travel and try new restaurants, running a half-marathon is on her bucket list. She has her bachelor’s in nutrition but it wasn’t until March 2014 that she really started to get into fitness, when she was the social media manager of a healthy food concept. Once she had the opportunity to see other people living a healthy and happy lifestyle, she realized she needed to make a change. Jane is looking forward to checking another healthy goal off her list. 
See how Jane trains on her blogA Taste of Koko, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Kristen isn’t a runner and has never has been good about keeping an exercise regimen. Her main hobbies are fashion (she works in the industry!), social media, watching basketball (though she doesn’t play) and photography. However, after joining ClassPass a few months ago, Kristen has kept up with classes a few times a week and is inspired to tackle something tough – like this hilly half-marathon. 
See how Kristen trains on her blogKristen Glam, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube Channel.

Jackelyn has raced seven half-marathons and has always been passionate about healthy living and fitness. A few years ago, she would have said that she found running freeing and exhilarating, but over time, she lost the love. Lately, she’s addicted to fun classes that keep her challenged, like cardio kickboxing. While she still runs to get her heart rate up, she’s hoping to rekindle her love of running by incorporating training into her ClassPass schedule.
See how Jackelyn trains on her blogJackelyn Ho, Twitter, Instagram and on Spright.

Although Sarah was active throughout high school, she struggled to find a place for fitness in her college years. With determination and help of inspiring magazines, she found her way back to her healthy habits and documented her failures and successes through her blog and YouTube channel. Running makes her feel accomplished, strong and give her a good reason to celebrate with her favorite wine and dessert. She’s already completed three half-marathons and two full marathons, but she’s excited to balance training with her class schedule and teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp and Burn Fitness Studio in Boston.
See how Sarah trains on her blogSarahFit, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube Channel.

Anne is a registered dietitian who has two full marathons and 14 half-marathons under her belt. Running makes her feel great, gives her time to clear her mind, acts as social time and a gives her the chance to enjoy nature as she challenges herself to reach new goals. She is excited to train while still enjoying her full class schedule!
See how Anne trains on her blogFAnnetastic Food, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Talk about a tough mama: since having her two boys, Emily has finished six half-marathons in the past three years! She started to run in 2007 as an way to slim down post-college, and in 2008 she completed her first marathon and didn’t want to stop! In fact, she was so inspired by her new healthy lifestyle that Emily quit her job and went to culinary school to learn more about cooking and nutrition, and hasn’t looked back. 
See how Emily trains on her blogDaily Garnish, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.


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Jessica Miller is a ClassPass City Launch Specialist for ClassPass. She is a fitness junkie who loves running, cycling, barre, yoga, boot camps-you name it!