6 Skin Exfoliators For All That Sweat

Created by facialist Kate Somerville, this perennial Sephora fave is amazing for shrinking pores and polishing your complexion.
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For your body

Classic Body Scrub
It might remind you of high school, but it’s a go-to for good reason: It’s simple and keeps your skin fresh, clean and, most importantly, zit-free. 
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Exfoliating Soap
This all-in-one is perfect for when you’re on the go and only want to pack one product. It’s gentle enough for your face but can also give your bod the deep cleanse it needs post-workout. 
Buy it now: Seaberry Exfoliating Soap, $17

Soothing Exfoliator
This beloved line of desert products uses natural ingredients to buff and smooth skin to a natural glow. We promise you’ll love how soft your skin smells — not to mention the amazing scent that’ll remind you of the beach. 
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Kate Winick is a writer and social media editor in NYC. The decade-long yoga and Pilates practice, and every rowing, boxing and barre class under the sun are really just the foundation for her foodie obsessions.