From Our Founder: 9 Ways to Prepare For Life’s Big Moments

Whether you’re preparing for an important meeting, a job interview, a performance, a first date or anything that makes you nervous – it’s important to not only embrace life’s big moments, but to mentally prepare for them, too. There’s so much power in your mind and body connection, and when you really get into the zone – your confidence shines through.

When I’m meeting with investors, getting ready to take center stage with my dance company or speaking in front of an audience or the amazing ClassPass (140 employees, can you believe it?) team, I always take a breather to really be present and truly enjoy the experience. 

Here are some of my secrets on nailing every big moment that life throws my way:

Psyche yourself out
Keep the excitement up, and remember it’s okay to be a little nervous – its all a part of the process. Everyone – and I mean, everyone! – gets those butterflies sometimes. 
Imagine it before it happens
When I was young, I used to always pretend that it was showtime during rehearsals, right before performances. It helped me imagine how I was going to feel on stage and helped me make sure I was at my best. 
What you believe will happen usually does
If you want something to go well, believe (and think!) that it will! How? By focusing on all the ways it’s going to go well instead of worrying about how it could go wrong. Be fearless! 
You control it all… 
…so be in control of yourself. You might not be able to control everything that happens – surprises are part of life and part of the fun – but by keeping a healthy mentality, you can control how you feel. 
Let your imagination out to play
One of my favorite things to do the night before a show is to lay in bed, put my headphones on, close my eyes and imagine the exact way I want the big moment to go. 
Practice, practice, practice
Hard work is the key to success. You can always be better and practice really does make perfect! The more effort you put in, the more that you get out.  
Do what works for you
Know yourself and what charges you. Whether it’s shopping for a new outfit, getting your nails done, working out, reading an inspirational letter or talking to an old friend. If you feel your best, you’ll do your best.  
Clear your mind
Right before the big moment, let go of any worries and be present. 
Create more and more moments like this in your life. 
Every day should feel alive, so create these special moments all the time! They can happen in every experience, especially when you’re putting everything you have into whatever you’re doing: a meeting with your boss, going to class or meeting someone new. Magic can happen daily, if you look for it.

Payal Kadakia is the Founder & Executive Chairman of ClassPass and the artistic director of The Sa Dance Company. She’s been a ‘dancetrepreneur’ since the age of 3 and has been dancing for more than 25 years.