An Open Letter to All Of My Friends Not On ClassPass

Have a few holdouts in your life who can’t seem to get behind your workout obsession? Or just want your friends to stop bailing on those outdoor runs you plan and join in on the fun of ClassPass? We get ya, we’re trying to convince the rest of our friends, too. From our minds to yours…here is what all ClassPassers secretly want to say to their class-phobic friends:

Dear Friend Not On ClassPass,

Do you remember that day when you texted me to see if I wanted to grab coffee, and I said I couldn’t because I was trying out a bootcamp class downtown? And you sent me back so many emojis I couldn’t decipher them? Trust me, I could barely believe it myself — me, at bootcamp! But after an hour of pushups and sprints and cheering each other on, I’ll admit it: I wanted more.

And I know (I know!) I used to wear skinny jeans and a cute sweater to brunch, and now, I’m usually rockin’ a top knot and yoga pants disguised as regular pants (Here’s how I did it, btw). You were completely surprised that I didn’t bring my black bag staple, but instead, showed up with something even better: my new gym bag (It totally deserves a place of honor on my chair, just like your new purse)!

You were totally surprised when I wouldn’t opt for the $15 cocktail because I might have to late-cancel a class this week, and I need the extra money for the cancellation fee. Since we’re being honest here – I probably won’t miss the class. I have a major crush on my instructor, and he’ll kick my butt even harder the next time for skipping out.

And I swear, I only looked at my phone ONCE while we were talking, but you see…it was noon! And noon has come to mean something entirely different in my life since I joined ClassPass. I’d show you the reminders I have set up in my work and personal calendar, and the alarm I’ve set on my iPhone… but you’d probably make fun of me. If I want to get into my favorite studios, I have to be on time to sign-up. Trust me, If you joined ClassPass, you’d understand. 

But you keep telling me that you don’t want to be a ClassPasser and that you’re not that into working out. I get it – you remember when I would get obsessed with some new craze and then I’d get burnout and quit. But I promise… my ClassPass love is here to stay.

Just like I need each and every one of you to shop, eat, dance and travel with, I have my core group of classes that mean a lot to me  – and my, um, actual core. So please, promise me you’ll let me know 12 hours in advance if we’re going out. Promise me you won’t change our reservations last minute, because I’m probably booked at a studio nearby. And promise me you’ll at least consider making our next catch-up at the barre, instead of the bar?

Because the only thing that could make me love ClassPass more is if you love it too!


Your ClassPass-Addicted Friend 



Kate Winick is a writer and social media editor in NYC. The decade-long yoga and Pilates practice, and every rowing, boxing and barre class under the sun are really just the foundation for her foodie obsessions.