Pints + Planks St. Patrick’s Day Crawl: New York Edition

New York is a fantastic city to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in, with the awesome parade that heads up 5th avenue and has been a tradition since 1762, only 14 years after the Declaration of Independence was signed!

Stop A– Start your day on a relaxed and calming note by heading to Exhale Studio for their Core Fusion Barre class, designed to target your core and tone your body while channelling your inner ballerina. After barre, head to Luke’s Bar and Grill for traditional Irish pub vibes and delicious bar food.

Stop B -Want to focus on your core AND have a great time? Head to ABSolutions for ABsolution class that combines Latin and Ballroom dance with core work for a unique workout! After all that gyrating, head over to Grey Bar & Restaurant for a great selection of beers on draft and in bottle including the ever popular Guinness!

Stop C -Want to try out an awesome workout that combines the movements of swimming, yoga, dance and Tai Chi? Head to Kinespirit-Madison Park for their fantastic Gyrotonic class. After class, head to Molly’s, an authentic Irish pub with sawdust on the floor for traditional and yummy Irish food and drinks.

Stop D- Want to sprint your way to happiness? Head to the Mile High Run Club for their awesome Dash 28 class. Get ready to focus on improving your running game as well as extending your mileage. After class, head to McSorley’s Old Ale House for one of the oldest bars in the country, where your options are either light or dark beer.

Stop E- Ready to box your way to better fitness? Head to Gotham Gym for their high-intensity boxing bootcamps. After bungeeing in style, head to Village Tavern for a woodsy and old time Irish pub vibe with darts and classics like Shepherd’s pie.



Amanda Fay is a manager of strategic planning and creative executions in New York City with a degree in Human Sexuality and Neurobiology. She’s also a half-marathoner prepping for the NYC Marathon in 2016 and an avid cheese lover. Back to top