I Went to the Class I Was Afraid Of and Here’s What Happened

ClassPass is my shiny key to the city. Shiny key? No, I meant sweaty key.

Whatever type of key, it opens the door to hundreds of different ways to sweat, tone, balance, dance and stretch that I never would have known about.

When I first got ClassPass I stuck to the basics. The wide variety of studios helped me ease into comfortable workouts I knew I could do while I avoided the anxiety of trying something new. My “safe classes” were great, but I had the itch to push myself toward something that would make me uncomfortable.

After two weeks of acclimation I finally got the courage to schedule my first class at “that studio.”

You know the one, it’s in your city, it’s in my city. It’s located in the swankiest part of town, it has the trendiest classes, it boasts the hottest workouts and always has those happy-pretty people flooding in and out getting their daily dose of endorphins.

This place intimidates us, this class intimidates us and of course these people are naturally intimidating to us because they thrive in such an environment. I didn’t want it to scare me away but instinctively I was timid over the thought of trying something new that I may not be good at.

In the name of science I put on my grippy socks one foot at a time and went to my first class at Firebrand Sports in Portland, OR on the Megaformer.

This is what happened.

Greeted Warmly by Name.
They smiled. The employees, trainers and other members were warm and friendly. My name was on the list and the high-energy instructor knew it. How did I possibly think I was going to be an outcast? They’d been expecting me! 

Given Personal Instructions
The instructor knew that I was a new face in the group and wanted to set me up for success. I was given the quick and dirty preview of the equipment I’d be using to torch some calories and take my muscles past their burning point.

Do you ever reach a point in fitness where you feel like you can’t do something? Well you can’t do it “yet.” The instructor was full of inspiration, motivation and energy that took my mind away from the workout and helped me apply the philosophy of “yet” to other pieces of my life.

Another fact of life? No burn, no booty.

I won’t try to fool you, the class was challenging! This challenge of something new and sweaty was what pulled me into loving it. Nowhere else had I felt this satisfying burn. I’d unlocked the science behind all of the happy-pretty people coming back to this studio. The burn was the secret.

Hungry for More
I loved the workout and the experience. I made the studio a favorite on my ClassPass mobile app. I loved it so much that I returned in the same week. This time I brought a friend along and I did the most rewarding thing I could possibly do. I passed the happy!



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