No Time? We Got Ya: 4 Ways to Style Your Hair in Your Sleep

After the shower that was so deservingly earned after a late night class, there’s nothing better than flopping into bed and not waking up until the sound of- at least- the third alarm set for the next morning. You don’t want to take the time to blow dry your hair and you know you won’t give yourself enough time in the morning to style properly. Sound familiar? If by some stroke of bad luck it is considered unacceptable to stroll into work in the morning sporting a beanie hiding a bad secret (your hair), here are a few quick, and simple ways to plan ahead from the comfort of your pillow.


For something neat but not boring.
Part the hair down the center and divide into two even sections. Braid the two sections casually all the way down to the ends. Wrap the left braid low around the back of the head and securely bobby pin it on the right side, and vise versa. Spritz a little medium hold hairspray in the back, and hit the hay. In the morning you can simply repin if anything got nudged out of place and add a bit more spray to help with flyaways. This is a no nonsense way to get out the door quick and arrive at your destination looking like you at least put a little effort into your look. 

When there’s no time to blow dry.
No problemo. Before you go to sleep, take towel dried hair and divide into six or seven small sections. No need to be precise. This is a pseudo-messy (but actually truly messy) look. Twist all the sections individually until they begin to curl up. Then combine all the twisted strands into one big piece and twist as a whole the same way. Finish it off by tying it into a bun on the top of the head and adding in some hairspray to hold. When you wake up in the morning, let the bun out and fluff the hair up by hand. The result will be a voluminous, textured beachy look. It might even look like a curling iron was involved.

For a little no-effort bounce.
Bobby pins are a girl’s best friend. Taking a generous side part, make a large circular twist with the tuft of hair from the larger section along the front hair line. Twist it loosely away from the face and securely pin to the side of the head. With a little volumizing hair spray, your mane will hold an amazing bounce after removing the pin in the morning. For more sass, make additional circular twist sections.

When there’s no hope.
Sometimes a solid accessory is the best bet for looking remotely put together. Something that has stood the test of time is the trusty jumbo jaw clip. To make sure this is pulled off without a hitch in the early hours, take a minute to brush the hair free from all tangles at night. Throw in a little styling cream, work it through the trestles and neatly tie the hair up for sleep. In the morning, simply brush through the treated strands, pull the hair to a low pony, give it a twist and lift the pony up and clip it in place. Class and sophistication. 

When all else fails, there’s always the classic topknot. Thankfully someone made that a thing.



Amy Hillock is a freelance writer and an executive producer at production company ASSEMBLY9 in New York City. She enjoys leading workplace wellness yoga in offices around Manhattan through YogaWithAim, and spending recklessly on travel plans, green juice and new Nikes. Follow her (mostly) healthy pursuits on Instagram and Twitter.