The Do’s and Don’ts of a Class Selfie

We love seeing all of your #passthehappy snaps (make sure to tag us!) – but there are a few tips and tricks to make sure sure you’re getting the best image without getting photobombed. 


Do make the best “I am rocking this class” face ever! Big smiles, hands-on-our-hips, we-are-kicking-some-butt-today looks are the way to go! We made it to the class and we are proud as can be!

Don’t get in the way of the instructor. No one wants to be that person who forced the whole class to stop because they accidentally kicked the instructor in the face.

Do grab a ClassPass friend for the picture! The more the merrier for the class selfie, plus then we can all strike a pose together.

Don’t get in the way of fellow ClassPass folks who don’t want to be in your selfie. No one wants to be part of a picture if they’re not into it- especially when they’re sweaty, red-faced and trying to get out the door to catch a train home.

Do make sure to show off your class! Going to surf set? Selfie on the surfboard! Spinning? Selfie on the spin bike! Running class? Show off that treadmill!

Don’t be embarrassed. You are having a great time, enjoying those endorphins and working incredibly hard! Who wouldn’t want to capture that?!

Do wear an outfit that you love. Nothing makes you want to selfie less than being uncomfortable in your clothes, so throw on that favorite pair of leggings and your hot pink top and flaunt it!

Don’t forget to have a good time with it. Laugh at yourself, enjoy the silliness of the moment. Remember working out is fun! So why not selfie while ya work?


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