Hey NYC, You Can Now Go to Crunch Gyms With Your ClassPass!

You already loved ClassPass – but now you might just be crushing – or should we say ‘crunching’ even harder.

Starting today, access to Crunch Gyms in New York City is part of your ClassPass membership.

Crunch Gym has dozens of really amazing classes that not only challenge and tone every part of your body, but are really fun, too. While we think you should seriously try them all, here are three to sign-up for first:

Powerwave Battle Roping
Who knew making waves could burn so many calories? This hardcore, sweat-fest is centered around rope work – one of the most difficult techniques to master. Your instructor will help you active and integrate all the major muscle groups for a complete, total-body workout with an emphasis on core stability.

Cycle Karaoke
What’s better than an awesome playlist in a spin class? Being encouraged to sing along to your favorite, motivating jams while working on that torque level. Expect to be groove, move and get some serious sweat on. No singing skills required.

Boing With Kangoo
Ever wish you could walk on the moon? Get a glimpse of what it’s like to bounce really high in this low-impact class that uses a pair of Kangoos. These shoes give you extra height with springs on the bottom to hop, jog and jump, and of course, burn calories.

Another great perk of visiting a Crunch Gym is the ability to have a truly solo workout. Sometimes, logging miles on a treadmill or elliptical can be a great way to think things through, train for a race in the winter or just blow off some stress. Best of all, with 11 locations in Manhattan – and more in the boroughs – there are tons of choices by your apartment or your job.

But while convenience is always awesome – what really sets Crunch Gym apart is how they absolutely will never judge you.

Their philosophy is that there is no such thing as too much or not enough, and they want to encourage, empower and entertain you so that you continuously make fitness a big part of your routine. There’s room for everyone at Crunch Gym – all with different goals and preferred workouts, which is why ClassPass and Crunch Gym have teamed together!

While the same rules apply – you can go three times a month, you’ll probably discover more reasons – and excuses – to keep Crunch Gym a part of your fitness schedule.  (Especially if you love Bliss® products after a tough gym circuit!)