Skip the Ice Cream: 5 Classes to Help You Through a Break-Up

It’s that time of year again. A trip to your local drugstore finds you bombarded with all things pink, red, and lovey-dovey. Your Facebook or Instagram feed is dotted with couples in love.  And you have just gone through a break-up. Whether the other person initiated it, you did or it was a mutual break, it’s time to give yourself some love this Valentine’s Day. Your newfound single status might have you a bit bummed out, but we challenge you to skip the ice cream and romantic movies and up your workout ante instead. What better way to heal a broken heart than to make your body stronger (and take advantage of those awesome endorphins). 

Here are some class types that will help get your mind off of your blues and into the moving-on process:

Whether or not you fancy yourself a regular Rocky Balboa, we can all appreciate the opportunity to blow off a little steam. No need to be intimidated. Just search your city’s ClassPass for tons of options. Once you get there, lace up the gloves, hop in the ring and kick or punch your way to an endorphin high. (Bringing a picture of your ex to tape on the bag is optional. We won’t judge!)
Sign-up for these classes: TITLE Boxing Club (NYC, St. Louis, Denver, Tampa, Phoenix, San Diego), Delgado Boxing (Atlanta), Bridgeport Boxing Club (Chicago)

Savasana. Those are four of the sweetest syllables in the world after a good yoga class. Yoga is all about mindfulness and being content with yourself – two things of the utmost importance after a break-up. Do yourself a favor and bring everything you feel to the mat. Set an intention. Maybe it’s healing, maybe it’s strength or maybe it’s just to kick ass. Whatever it is, own it. Then enjoy that sweet savasana because you earned it, lady.
Sign-up for these classes: Be the Change Yoga (Orange County), Namah Shivaya Yoga (Dallas), Dawn Davis Yoga (Boston)

Boot Camp
In the midst of an intense circuit training workout, it is hard to think of anything but getting through it. After enough sets of kettlebell swings, burpees and Russian twists, you can feel your own strength coursing through you. Catch your breath, grab some water and get back out there. Literally and metaphorically. You owe it to yourself. Just like you made it through that last circuit, you will make it through this break-up and be stronger for it.
Sign-up for these classes: BUF Boot Camp (Charlotte), Legacy Fit (Miami), Fly Fitness (Seattle)

Pole Fitness
If you’ve never tried a pole class, there is no better time to start. Aerial movement is no joke and takes some serious ab power. Pole classes work on alignment, muscle mechanics and conditioning. So grab a couple friends, maybe a hot pair of  heels, and go get your groove on. Empower yourself and your abs by owning your body and strutting your stuff.
Sign-up for these classes: Polecats Aerial Fitness (Las Vegas), Awakenings Pole Dance Fitness (Philadelphia), Rockstar Pole Fitness (Denver)

Indulge your inner child and go back to your days of ballet class and tutus. While dance may not have characterized your childhood, barre class has something for everyone. Core, butt, legs, arms – whatever you’re looking to shape up, you can do it here. Working tiny muscles groups is a lot harder than it sounds. You’ll leave sore and with your head held a little higher.
Sign-up for these classes: Barre 59 (San Diego), The Beauty Barre at Vue (Columbus), Balanced Barre (Minneapolis) 


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