Forget the Dresses: How to Work Out Like a Chart Topper

There’s no routine quite like dancing three hours a night for six months all over the world, but even in the off season, our favorite musical icons stay in shape with workouts that are almost as challenging. This is how they get fit—and how you can, too.


Taylor Swift 
Nominated for Album of the Year, Song of the Year

Although Taylor Swift is loyal to her signature ModelFit workout, you can get the same muscle-lengthening, fat-burning workout elsewhere in NYC, with a barre class that involves on small movements and perfect positioning. And when it starts to really, really burn ten minutes in? Glutes gonna hate, hate, hate – so shake it off! 
If Taylor was on ClassPass in New York, she might like: Body Conceptions by Mahri, Exhale, Physique 57Pure Barre and FlyBarre.


Chrissy Teigen
Hubby John Legend is nominated for Best Pop Solo Performance

Need proof that barre really works? Check out Chrissy Teigen’s recipes…and then check out Chrissy Teigen. The barre class devotee keeps her figure tight with regular barre workouts—and loves the group atmosphere to help get her through the challenging spots.
If Chrissy was on ClassPass in Los Angeles, she might likeThe Fit Factor Studio, FlyBarre, Best U Studio, The Dailey Method and Xtend Barre West Hollywood

Katy Perry 
Nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album

To get ready for life on tour, Katy Perry depends on HIIT-style training, which works your entire body in short bursts to add allover tone and a cardio boost. Turn yourself into the ultimate California girl at these studios.
If Katy was on ClassPass in Los Angeles, she might like: Circuit Works Santa Monica, Alpha Venice, Coreology Fitness, Cross Train LA and Mind Muscle Fitness.


Jessie J
Nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance

Jessie J trains hard doing high-intensity, weight-bearing workouts even the toughest CrossFitter would appreciate. Luckily, her adopted hometown of LA is chock-full of brand-new boxes.
If Jessie was on ClassPass in Los Angeles, she might likeCrossFit Aviator, Cave CrossFit, CrossFit Santa Monica, Fullout CrossFit and Sweat Garage.


Nominated for Best Music Film, Album of the Year and Best Urban Contemporary Album
Won Best R&B Performance, Best R&B Song andBest Surround Sound Album 

Although Beyonce’s workout involves a whole lot of strength training, running and more, she wouldn’t have that body without years of dance training behind it. And since werking like Beyonce is the hottest thing in NYC fitness right now, you have a lot of options. Who run the world? You do! 
If Beyonce was on ClassPass in New York, she might like: Broadway Bodies, Brukwine, Vixen Workout, Hip Hop Dance Junkies and AKT in Motion.


Kim Kardashian  
Hubby Kanye West is nominated for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration and Best Rap Song

It takes a serious workout to keep Kim Kardashian’s curves in line, and Barry’s Bootcamp has long been the solution for this LA lady. When Kanye’s wife hits the red carpet, you can bet she’s hit one of these studios first.
If Kim was on ClassPass in Los Angeles, she might like: Barry’s Bootcamp, Rocksweat Fitness, Uevolution Mind & Body, The Phoenix Effect and The Changing Room.


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